SJW Movie Critics Try To Blame Ready Player One Backlash On #GamerGate
Ready Player One GamerGate

Some sites are completely off the deep end, constantly looking for an internet boogeyman in the dark alleys where most cops simply find a recipient for their reactions to fear and a nice little boost to the 7:00 Left-leaning news hour. However, in this case, the boogeyman is none other than the decrepit corpse of an internet hashtag that only seems to get any sort of action when some multi-color-haired hipster with a sexual identity crisis is behaving like Bill Cosby in a night club with a sports jacket full of Methaqualone.

Now I know that some of you are thinking that we must be off our rocker including the evil acronym of ‘S’ ‘J’ ‘W’  in a headline or the body of an article for content produced on this site, given Google’s recent crackdown on certain keywords and phrases. For those of you who don’t know, if you include certain forbidden words or topics in a headline or the body of an article, Google’s AI goes through the unceremonious process of  “filtering” out the content from the GNews topic feeds, as evidenced in the image below from the webmaster tools.

However, Google has been taking the extra step in de-indexing more than a quarter of our content from the search engines even while we’re producing sapid-worded articles and playing by their rules. Essentially, trying to pretend to be a fair, nice, and even-handed “gud boi” has no pay-off whatsoever, as evident in the image below that shows a decline in indexed content.

So what this means is that there is absolutely zero incentive to pretend to write articles like some soy-suckling, beta-male pansy, because even while trying to be nice, even while avoiding certain keywords in the headlines, and even while avoiding certain topic matter, you still get filtered by Google.

I’ll leave the niceties to the agenda-entrenched sub-human leeches sucking off the limp-swinging lower extremities of the agenda-driven dillweeds and diversity hires at Google screwing up the free market of free thought on the internet.

There’s a giant, purple, dragon bung-plug out there in the shape of a hand with a middle finger standing firmly erect that every Google employee would do well to sit on, perhaps in an effort to gain some small inkling of enlightenment and insight for the strife they create for webmasters due to their incompetence and algorithmic salad tossing. Sadly, though, since many of them hover around the San Francisco bay area they might actually enjoy it… and then blog about it with video clips on Tumblr.

Anyway, all of that is to say that “SJW” is going back into the headlines, as it rightfully deserves, especially since Social Justice Warriors can’t seem to let go of the crusty carcass of the consumer-driven revolt that was a middling thing back in 2014. That’s not to say that #GamerGate shouldn’t be little more than a footnote in every journalism handbook, because it most certainly should, especially under the section “how not to do journalism when you get caught with your quality-deprived wang stuck in the subject of your articles that have been published without proper disclosure”.

Now that I got that out of the way, lets start with Vox…

On March 26th, 2018 Vox published a piece called “The Ready Player One backlash, explained”, where the article attempts to blame the public backlash against Steven Spielberg’s diarrhea of pop-culture on #GamerGate.

The author, Constance Grady, apparently suffered from #GamerGate incontinence, not being able to talk about nerd culture without inexplicably defecating the digital remnants of spaghetti all over the Vox readership.

I’m not going to rip on Grady’s philosophically weak anus and let all of the fecal matter of their intersectionality spill out all over this web page. Instead I’ll just focus on the relevant bits, like this passage here, which states…

“Gamergate was a toxic cultural battle filled with harassment so vicious it would become a major influence on the alt-right — but fundamentally, it was about who gets to be a geek, which parts of geek identity are worth lauding, and which parts are destructive. Gamergate changed the way we talk about geek culture, and in the end, it would make it borderline impossible to think about books like Ready Player One as harmless, meaningless fun.”

Yes, folks. A movement about improving ethics in video game journalism somehow made it too toxic for people who aren’t well adjusted to enjoy a piss-poor movie that rips off of every noteworthy nostalgic act in nerd-culture media over the last forty years.

But it doesn’t end there.

The Vox piece links to various other Liberal-minded authors writing at Left-leaning rags espousing the same kind of venom at Ready Player One while sometimes directly or indirectly blaming #GamerGate for not being able to enjoy the movie.

I can’t help but recall this little gem from Patri-Archie-Comics.

The Stranger was no stranger to digging up old corpses and dusting off old bones in their Ready Player One review. Even they couldn’t resist taking jabs at a movement that was driven to ensure that people employed at places like The Stranger were forced to wrought the wherewithal to follow simple FTC guidelines in disclosing endorsements and free swag. Author, Erik Henriksen, wrote…

“[…] the 70-year-old Spielberg is in a unique spot to examine that culture, revisit it, or rebuild it. He doesn’t.


“Maybe that’s because he was distracted—Spielberg went off and made The Post while waiting for programmers to finish Ready Player One’s CGI—or maybe it’s because once you scratch at geek culture, its pasty underbelly starts to show. It wasn’t long ago that racist fanboys were protesting Michael B. Jordan’s casting as the Human Torch, that Gamergate misogynists were doxxing women, or that a fan-edit of The Last Jedi deleted that film’s female protagonists.”

It’s also funny that Henriksen decided to penetrate his reputation with calumny at #GamerGate’s expense, despite the fact that his former cohort, Matt Hickey, spent a decade literally raping women.

Oh, I forgot… disagreeing with feminists in Twitter spats is way worse than drugging your best friend’s girlfriend and raping her for six hours… am I right?

Former GameJournoPros alum, Adam Rosenberg, didn’t hesitate to squeeze in a blow below the belt at the hashtag that exposed him and his cronies in their backroom dealings. Rosenberg feeds on the current vitriol pointed at Ready Player One while also taking an opportunity to throw a flabby jab at #GamerGate, writing in his review for Mashable

“The movie falls apart as soon as you sit back and really think about what this story is at its foundation: A group of kids fighting a bad corporation to help a good corporation that made a game they all like.


“The book on which Ready Player One is based wasn’t ever about much more than that, but it was also published in the vastly different world of 2011. Before GamerGate. Before Trump. Before data privacy became a hot-button issue.”

Ready Player One - Trash Face

Australia’s Paul Donoughue penned a review for – a site that some of you might remember as also being at the heart of #GamerGate for distorting news about the hashtag, where the reporter admitted to choosing to slant the news in order to discuss harassment.

Donoughue commits to the task of running defense for his fellow Social Justice activists by invoking the research-forbidden act of citogenesis. Donoughue first quotes one of his fellow peers at ABC, and then proceeds to link to Constance Grady’s piece at Vox, all while reliving in his own mind a good thrashing of #GamerGate’s good name, writing…

“Whip off the tablecloth of references, and underneath is a blank surface,” Paul Verhoeven wrote on this website, arguing the film struggled under the weight of its cultural touchpoints.


“A piece by Constance Grady on Vox suggested those touchpoints, in the book, acted as a barrier to entry, an attempt at keeping nerd culture pure that would later reach its ugly zenith with the #gamergate controversy.


“But Spielberg sees a brighter side to our desire to rediscover those pop culture icons.”

If this were a game of cuckery, there’s enough white-knighting bonus points in those three paragraphs for a beta male to finally request to be a top instead of a bottom.

But since this isn’t a game of cuckery, the most a white knight will get for his efforts is a pat on the back from a fellow goony-beard man and maybe the opportunity to retweet an obese prostitute in the furry-trans community, all in hopes of being sent a compromising photo that would make any normal man lose weight from a vomit-induced diet.

Ready Player One looks like the sort of movie that could hover aimlessly in the lower tier review bracket both with critics and normal viewers alike all without trying. The fact that these agitprop critics think that they need to summon through internet necromancy the tag of #GamerGate in order to make some ever-dwindling point about the dangers of nerd culture is both sad and pathetic.

Heck, there are kids out there on the deep-end of the spectrum who screech with more tolerable noise than these so-called critics and journalists.

It’s a shame that out of all the filtering and all the de-indexing and all the censorship applied by the Big Brother who governs what we see, what we read, what we share, and what news we’re allowed consume, we can’t be spared the textual gurgling and propaganda garble of Social Justice Warriors spewing nonsense over every single topical facet of entertainment news media.

At the end of the day, a lot of people will choose not to see Ready Player One because it looks like garbage, not because a four-year-old hashtag – that tried to make journalists accountable for unethical behavior – is somehow responsible for nerd culture turning into crap under the weight of political correctness forced upon it by mendacious zealots.


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