Sonic Maker Video Demonstration Shows How To Make Sonic Levels

Fan projects pop up every so often, however fan projects that offer players the ability to create unique things that are well polished don’t show up very often. Well, team Sonic Maker aims to deliver a Super Mario Maker experience through Sonic Maker.

The first video appearance of Sonic Maker was published through a tech demonstration video. The project in question aims to put helpful tools right in players’ hands to create redux stages, new stages, or pay homage to older stages by recreating them from scratch.

There are no plans yet for custom assets, but this could change in the future. Current plans consist of an optional list of “familiar” and new pieces for levels. Just like other “maker” games, this one will allow you to decorate stages with a variety of assets.

The tech example trailer can be seen below, which comes in by Sonic Maker‘s YouTube channel.

The fan project was made using GameMaker Studio 2, baffling some viewers in that they thought Sonic Maker was made using Unity. Additionally, Sonic Maker was coded from scratch using said program, and is explained by one of the devs to allow for “very cool things.”

Time will tell how this project will pan out and if it will survive any strikes, but hopefully the devs behind this fan project can work things out to deliver gamers a build-your-own Sonic-like game.

Right now, no release date is set meaning that it cold be a while before something substantial is presented. Hopefully development on this project goes smoothly, because if Super Mario 64 Maker by Kaze Emanuar, and Mega Man Maker are any indication this fan project could be just as big as the others.

You can learn more about the team behind Sonic Maker by hitting up the new video’s page on YouTube, which also features a slight AMA about the project in the comment section.


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