Super Mega Baseball 2 Xbox One Closed Beta Sign-Ups Are Live
super mega baseball 2

Metalhead Software announced that they’re holding a limited time closed beta test for Xbox One gamers for their upcoming sports title, Super Mega Baseball 2.

Within the next two weeks, the closed beta test will go live. This will give Xbox One owners a preemptive look at the upcoming title ahead of both Steam and PlayStation 4 gamers.

Metalhead co-founder Scott Drader explained in the press release…

“We’ve tackled an ambitious feature set on Super Mega Baseball 2 and view this Closed Beta as a way to make sure the game and its online systems are ready to party on launch day,”


“We expect we’ll get plenty of fantastic feedback that will help us polish and balance the experience on the way to the launch of the full game.”

A new trailer was also released covering some of the game’s play, features and updates that are expected to arrive when the sequel to Super Mega Baseball launches in late spring for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The trailer covers Super Mega Baseball 2’s multiplayer, which includes exhibition, pennant race, elimination, season, and a custom mode.

The trailer reveals that online multiplayer matches are hosted on dedicated servers, so you don’t have to worry about running into the host migration issues.

As for the actual beta, you’ll be required to have a social media account if you want to participate… actually, you’ll need several accounts. Reddit is where most of the feedback will take place, while Twitter will be required to keep track of CBT announcements.

An Xbox One with high-speed internet is a given, and the beta is limited to those residing in the U.S., or Canada.

If you feel like this is a game you would like to beta test ahead of its release this spring on home consoles and PC, you can sign-up for the closed beta by visiting the official sign-up page.


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