Super Seducer Is Now Available And Ready To Trigger Feminists
Super Seducer Triggers SJWs

If you’ve been wanting to brush up on your pick-up artistry, or learn how to score hot babes, perhaps Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer can help you out. The game is currently available for PC for $12.99 over on the Steam store.

The game is a full-motion video comedy edutainment title that is actually about educating young and older men on how to pick up hotties and score a good time… in real life.

Richard La Ruina will teach you how not to be a beta male, how to evolve out of being relegated to a life of being a beta orbiter around a planet-sized feminist, and how to raise your confidence level so you won’t be an incel the rest of your life. You can check out the launch trailer below to see how La Ruina will help elevate your game so that you can die knowing that you at least scored some hot nookie that wasn’t printed on a body pillow.

The trailer hasn’t gone over so well with the general public, but at least Richard La Ruina proves that he’s pretty good at the seduction game… right?

He explains in the press release…

“The team of women that consulted on the project, including the game’s strong female cast, believe that Super Seducer educates men on the do’s and don’ts of seduction, making men much less likely to offend women after they’ve played the game. My time-tested, research-backed techniques are sure to help anyone meet the partner of their dreams!”

As is usual with products aimed at helping men tap into their inner manliness, screaming harpies took the digital skies to scream across social media about how sexist Super Seducer is.

Samantha Cole from Vice’s Motherboard – yes the same Vice constantly in the news for having cultivated a corporate culture of sexual harassment – tried attacking Super Seducer as some kind of game that teaches men to be “stalkers”.

Cole rounds out the preview by first setting up how the game hones in on similar themes based around sexual harassment, but then finishes with a strike to the jugular, by dumping the game in the “rape culture” bin…

“PUA culture thrives on platforms like Reddit and 4chan, where they’re able to trade strategies for stalking and harrassing women under the guise of being good guys. But making a game based on these behaviors available to the mainstream is another level of normalizing rape culture.”

Super Seducer - Hottie

So there you have it… if you have to be a better lover, a better pick-up artist, or just try to get the attention of women, you’re contributing to rape culture… according to feminists. In their distorted world, men and women are always at each other’s throats and fighting a battle to the death over who can piss off the other gender the most with micro-aggressions.

In the world of Richard La Ruina, men have to put in some effort to score a chick’s phone number and potentially get laid.

Steam user JRS seems to sum up the opposition to Super Seducer quite succinctly, writing…

“There’s really no other explanation. If you experience a severe emotional response when exposed to a (fairly well produced) game about picking up women, then you must have some deep psychological issues as it relates to your interactions with the opposite sex.


“Irrational reactions are a symptom of a weak and poorly formed psyche.“

If you don’t mind a game that triggers feminists and you’re keen on learning how to pick up some hot chicks, you can purchase Super Seducer from over on the Steam store for $12.99.


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