Super Seducer Cancelled For PS4 Following Complaints From Feminists

Super Seducer PS4 Cenorship

Feminists at Vice’s Motherboard – yes, the same Vice that had male feminists writing for them while sexually abusing women – complained to Sony about Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer, a game that teaches involuntarily celibate men how to rid themselves of virginity and embrace the warm bosom of one-night stands. The complaints from feminists did not fall on deaf ears; Sony obliged by forfeiting Ruina’s game from being published on the PlayStation Store.

Proud feminist Samantha Cole apparently doesn’t have much of a problem with Vice’s current culture of mistreating women, but she certainly has a problem with Richard La Ruina’s pick-up artist game, Super Seducer. The staff at Motherboard and other “progressive” media outlets complained about the game repeatedly leading up to its March 6th release, and pestered Sony about it heading into launch. The game was supposed to have a simultaneous release on both PC and PS4 starting March 6th, but only the PC version was released.

Apparently the nagging paid off and Sony responded to the outlet, informing them that they won’t allow Super Seducer on the PS4…

“Super Seducer, a choose your own adventure game that teaches men how to harass women using pick-up artist tactics, was set to be released on PlayStation 4 today.


“However, PlayStation has confirmed to Motherboard that the platform will not sell the game in its store after all.”

Apparently in the eyes of feminists it’s a-okay to sexually abuse, harass, and rape real women at Vice Media, but if there’s even a hint of creepiness in a game like Super Seducer, it has to be banned, censored, and barred from release.

If you need an idea of what Super Seducer is like, YouTuber Brysen has a preview of the game that you can check out below.

Motherboard repeatedly tried contacting Valve about allowing Super Seducer on Steam, in hopes of getting the game banned, very similar to how Right-wing Christian groups threatened Valve to remove or force games like House Party and Strangers In A Strange Land to undergo heavy censorship.

As pointed out in the video by BasedVidya, culture critics like Jim Sterling have been proven to be amply wrong about their assessment of feminists wanting to “take your games away” because that’s exactly what they’re doing, and they’re receiving plenty of help from the supposedly Conservative Republicans, too.

Nevertheless, there’s a concerted effort by feminists to get Super Seducer removed off of Steam and banned from being sold anywhere.

There are unbridled, rage-filled debates in the Steam forums for Super Seducer centered around whether or not the game should be removed from Steam.

It appears that simply trying to teach men how to be better pick-up artists is so triggering to feminists that they can’t even allow comedic, fictional media based on the pick-up artist culture to make its way into the realm of interactive entertainment.

If you were interested in checking out Super Seducer before it gets completely banned due to the raucous shrieking from unloved feminists with low self-worth, you can pick up a digital copy right now from Steam store for $12.99.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)