Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Gameplay Walkthrough
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Gameplay Walkthrough

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Gamers interested in the multiplayer-oriented JRPG can check the game out right now, If you need a little help with the game there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

YouTuber Shirrako put together a lengthy playlist featuring multiple videos of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, starting with the one below.

Once you start your game you can choose to create a male or female character.

You can choose between five different height options and five different body types.

Additionally you can choose a few options via sliders, such as:
Head size
Neck length
Neck Thickness
Shoulder Width
Arm Length
Arm Thickness
Hand Size
Chest Size
Torso Length
Torso Thickness
Waist Size
Leg Length.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet - Character Creator

You’ll have more than a dozen different faces to choose from and 34 hair styles for the males and 37 hair styles for the females.

Also, Bandai Namco did it right and kept the chest gauge, also known as the boob slider. That’s right, if you want to make those milk nuts big and wiggly, you can do that.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet - Female Character Creator

You can choose the skin color, eye color, hair, highlights, eyebrows, and lips for your character as well. For the females you can choose the makeup for your character, too.

Finally, you’ll be able to choose from 10 different voice types.

Once you get done making your character you’ll have to suffer through a lengthy loading screen and then a short cinematic will play and Kureha will give you a brief recap of the original Sword Art Online anime and the Sword Art Origin.

Your first quest is to elevate beyond being a Gun Gale Online newbie.

Your first major task is to complete the GGO Newbie quest tutorial.

You’ll need to use the left analog to move, pressing in the left analog will let you dash, pressing ‘X’ on the DualShock will allow you to jump, while pressing ‘A’ on the Xbox controller will let you jump.

Press Circle on the DualShock to quickstep out of the way and dodge attacks. That would be the ‘B’ button on the Xbox controller.

Switch weapons pressing the left or right digital pad buttons.

Press the left trigger to aim and the right trigger to fire. Press Square on the DualShock to reload, or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to reload.

You can recharge your ammo by picking up the bullet boxes.

Continue to follow the tutorial through the newbie dungeon to the portal switch. Kill all the baddies in your path.

You’ll meet up with the escaped J-Pop member turned GGO player and he promises he won’t shoot you in the back while you fight the remaining enemies.

One of the substitute Waifus will mistakenly teleport you to a new place.

You’ll activate a pod and get an opportunity to create either a new Waifu or a second Husbando.

Kirito, and Asuna will meet up with your two created characters. It turns out that your second created character is the “Rare Item”.

This will complete the GGO Newbie quest.

You’ll then start the UFG quest with your new system support android.

You’ll also learn about using the grappling hook with the left bumper.

Use the grappling hook on flying enemies to drag them to the ground.

Once you complete the UFG quest it’ll take you back to the hub along with Kureha and the ArFA-sys support unit.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet – Leafa

During a lengthy cinematic you’ll meet the top-heavy Leafa and a few other throwaway characters during a talking get together.

After Kirito does a self-indulgent soliloquy about the virtues of virtual reality, the game’s intro will finally start.

Yes, the tutorial for Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet is an entire hour long.

Your android will give you the next quest, ArFA Sys Lectures

You’ll learn about changing your avatar, finding quests and modifying your private quarters.

Additionally, you can make use of your skill-set using the right bumper and a face button.

You can also swap your skills out by pressing down on the digital pad.

You can also use your android to customize your avatar settings and emotes, assuming you’re into that sort of stuff.

You can have up to four players in a party.

You’ll then have to go around and talk to Kureha, who will give you a rundown of the GGO facilities. You can buy and sell some weapons at the gun shop, but since you’re poor you won’t have enough to buy some sexy guns.

Once you leave the shop you’ll have another super long talking segment involving Kirito and his annoying band of Otaku-wannabes.

Once they get done chatter-boxing to one another you’ll start the SBC Glocken quest.

They’ll explain that you can acquire bounties in the game and return to the SBC Glocken to retrieve credits and rankings for what you kill out in the field.

There are a number of sub-quests you can take on that the computer terminal. However, your next main mission will be to talk to all the Otaku-wannabes lounging around the SBC Glocken.

You’ll then need to head to the Urban District to talk to Laefa and the others.

Head outside to the left and find Argo in the corner of the map where a blue triangle is on the ground.

Head to the front of the gun shop to talk to Itsuki for the next part of the main quest.

After another 10 minute talking sequence it will finally complete the SBC Glocken quest.

When you go outside you’ll have another lengthy cinematic.

Once it’s done you’ll end up back in your private quarters. When you exit again Asuna will tell you about creating clothing items.

They explain that when you find the right materials you can bring them to Asuna and she will make a costume for you.

Head back out into the SBC Glocken and it will trigger another cinematic sequence.

After that cinematic head to your room to trigger the next main quest, which is <B|>ArFA-Sys Parts.

You’ll have to travel to the Remnant Wasteland and defeat the boss there to complete the quest.

The main boss is fairly difficult. You’ll have to fight your way through the wasteland into the Control Facility. Be sure to use the barriers in the boss room as cover to launch your attacks from behind them to whittle down his life.

Defeat the boss, get the parts and travel back to your private quarters to upgrade your ArFA-Sys.

When you exit from your quarters you’ll encounter Bazalt Joe, and he’ll challenge you for your ArFA-Sys in the quest Bazalt Joe Strikes at the Extinct Civilization City. You can open the menu and teleport to the Remnant Wasteland to start the quest.

You’ll need to upgrade your weapons and skillset if you want to defeat Joe. He and his teammates aren’t the easiest of pushovers. It might be wise to first complete a few side-quests, level up, buy a weapon you actually like and then go shoot some lead up his bumhole that he’ll be able to file his taxes with his lead-laced tongue.


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