Ubisoft Plans On Player Made Services In Their Future Games

Ubisoft has a lot of popular and familiar game brands, but it seems that as these games grow the company wants to add in live services. However, it looks like Ubisoft wants to get its community and other players involved when it comes to adding these live services to their games.

The info comes from over on news.ubisoft.com, where it explains that Ubisoft wants to include players in the discussion about live services featured in the company’s upcoming games. During Ubisoft’s annual corporate GDC event, Vice President of Online Services, Stephanie Perotti, broke down how “live operations” have become integral to every step of development.

The act of live operations are said to pave continual post-launch updates and a scalable infrastructure of tools to help Ubisoft devs. On the other side of things, player activity in Ubisoft games has doubled over the past two years due to these live games, which function differently according to Perotti:

“Launching a game is only the beginning,” says Perotti. “[It’s been] a very big shift from the way we used to ship and manage games to live services, and that also meant a big shift for our production teams. The way we used to ship games, the way we used to build games, was not necessarily adapted to… that kind of constant updates and constant content releases.”

In other words, it means that Ubisoft must ship new and faster tools to ensure that development teams could release new code every day — if needed.

That methodology is said by Perotti to contribute to the ongoing success of games like Rainbow Six Siege, which is now in its third year with a community that’s still growing. Moreover, Perotti admits there were a lot of challenges on the road to success and that a lot of stuff needs to be done quickly, which isn’t necessarily the best way to do things.

So it looks like the community and players might help Ubisoft in some form, as well as paving their own way with live services. According to Perotti:

“As for the future, Perotti sees Ubisoft opening more of its services to players, giving them the opportunity to modify and potentially create their own new services. “[We want to] put more services in the hands of players,” she says. “At some point, we want to open services to the community, so we’re working on that right now. That’s one of the next key steps.””

Ubisoft and Perotti’s take on “live service” is games that receive continuous, post-launch support and content updates.

With that all said, there’s no telling what may come out of this move, but you can read the full story over on news.ubisoft.com.

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