Ubisoft Will Start Banning PC Players For Toxic Text In Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six Siege Toxicity

It appears Ubisoft is following in the footsteps of Blizzard Entertainment. If you use words, phrases, or certain kinds of slurs in Rainbow Six: Siege, a Mature-rated game for players 18 years of age and older, you will be banned. Starting next week Ubisoft will be rolling out a series of account bans in Rainbow Six: Siege on PC, for people who engage in “toxic” behavior.

According to a Reddit post on the Rainbow Six: Siege sub-Reddit, the community manager for the game explained that depending on the severity of the offense, accounts will receive two day, seven day, 15 day, or permanent account bans.

The bans will relate to what players say in the text chat on the PC version of the game. According to the community manager, they will be monitoring accounts on a case-by-case basis, and this includes global monitoring and customer support tickets reported by other users…

“We will be tracking the frequency at which language that violates the Code of Conduct is used by individual players, and will apply the appropriate ban on a case-by-case basis.


“The type of language we will be taking action against is outlined in the following section of the Code of Conduct:


“Any language or content deemed illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, ethically offensive or constituting harassment is forbidden.”


“Players that receive a ban for toxicity will receive a pop-up that states their ban was the result of toxic behavior. A global message will also be displayed, similar to the current global broadcasts for cheating. It will read: ‘Username has been banned for toxicity.’”

The bold was added for emphasis.

Ubisoft claims this is to crack down on toxicity within the community. Obviously people who are under age or likely lean Left were very much for this change, and even hoped that Ubisoft would extend the bans from the text chat to the voice chat.

This is despite the fact that Rainbow Six: Siege’s M-rating already covers the topic of “Strong Language” according to the ESRB.

In fact, if you head to the ESRB page it reads…

“During the course of the game, some stages depict bags of cocaine on tables/counters. The word “f**k” appears in the dialogue.”

So Ubisoft feels it’s okay to depict strong language in the game but feel it’s not okay for users to use strong language in text chat?

There were a few people in the thread who did seem to point out the inconsistency of Ubisoft’s war against “toxicity”.

User SHROOOOOOM_S wrote…

“Are you aware that the term “toxic” is nebulous because it’s conjectural? Everyone is going to have their own standard for what is toxic, ranging from racial epithets to people simply doing or saying something the other person doesn’t like.


“People will bypass this system by simply teamkilling those they don’t like, and by sneaking in slurs through voicechat with the general expectation nobody will be recording. I really hope you don’t turn Rainbow Six into some hyper sensitive game that encourages people to report for every slight, because if you do, the toxicity will adapt and you will lose.”

A few people made the more astute suggestion of allowing players the ability muting users via text. Giving players control over what they see and who they talk to was considered to be the more empowering option, but Ubisoft feels it’s better to police and ban players for crossing the line of “toxicity” rather than giving more users more control over what they see who they feel is offensive.

What’s more is that others suggested that Ubisoft simply add a user option to filter out “toxic” words. This would automatically mute or censor language that fits into a word list of filtered terms. Again, this would put control back into the hands of players.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft is more intent on taking control of the community and potentially perma-banning players who use language that they don’t approve of.


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