Vice Media Replaces CEO With Nancy Dubuc, Following Era Of Sexual Harassment Culture

Vice Media

Vice Media, under the helm of CEO Shane smith, was supposed to usher in a feminist-friendly atmosphere; a culture themed around progressivism and Liberal-leaning content. However, what Smith fostered is a culture that many former female employees labeled as a culture of sexual harassment.

Multiple journalists and former executives at Vice have been fired for sexual misconduct, including some of the executives. The company is also facing down against a gender pay-gap lawsuit, spurred on by multiple female employees who discovered that they were being paid less for the same job positions as their male counterparts.

The real irony was that those who were fired claimed to be male feminist allies, and even their most outspoken journalists who stood against #GamerGate were fired for sexual misconduct.

According to CNN, the culture of carnal ways ends with Shane Smith’s ousting. They’re replacing Smith, the Ceo and co-founder, with a woman named Nancy Dubuc.

Dubuc recently became the CEO of A+E Networks, according to the reports. Smith and Duboc had already worked together previously when A+E teamed up with Vice for a 24-hour television station called Viceland.

She gave up her job as CEO of A+E Networks to take over Vice, while Abbe Raven will be taking her place. Dubuc will now head up Vice’s media operations, which will likely include cracking down on the alleged “frat boy” behavior exhibited by the former staff. One must also question if this means curbing the publication of disinformation that pushes certain ideological viewpoints, or if Dubuc will pick up where Smith left off and continue with the anti-#GamerGate agenda?

What’s interesting is that CNN is reporting that Vice missed its projected revenue estimates by $100 million and the Viceland television show has low viewership. Revenue has been tanking so hard that they even had to stave off the IPO for 2018.

While Dubuc may have stepped in to curb the salacious atmosphere that Vice fostered under Shane Smith, it appears that she also inherited a sinking ship.

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