Virtual Boxing League Lets You Punch Men And Women In The Face
Virtual Boxing League

VR headsets seem to be underutilized like no other piece of technology on the market. There are a hundred and one different video game genres that should be explored but aren’t. Well, developer Spellbook has finally decided to step outside of the box and allow gamers to exercise equal opportunity gender violence with Virtual Boxing League.

The game is currently set to launch on the Steam store starting March 12th. The game is a single-player title and it will enter into Early Access first before aiming for a full launch, which is expected to take place at some point in 2019.

The Early Access version of the game will come with a single-player AI tournament mode with various competitors available for players to face off against, just like in typical arcade fighters. There are 25 different distinct AI fighting styles, physics-based boxing mechanics, four mini-games, achievements, stats, trading cards, and leaderboards.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

What’s interesting is that while some of the mini-games involve honing your skills by punching at certain targets on the heavy bag, other mini-games are a little more unorthodox, like the one where you’re in the unisex bathroom where toweled competitors are walking out of the shower stalls and you must punch them in the face.

It’s funny because feminists are constantly asking for equality, and in this game both male and female competitors are put on equal footing when it comes to competitive opportunities. Everyone’s face is eligible for getting hit by your fists, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Virtual Boxing League - Woman Beater

Back in the old days games like Ready 2 Rumble also had similar gender-neutral gameplay modes, keeping fighters in the ring together regardless of weight or what was dangling or tucked away between their legs.

There’s no telling how well the actual boxing mechanics will work in a game like Virtual Boxing League, but I’m glad some developers are taking the initiative to get creative and pump out more games like this. It’s a sad shame that there are more unique motion-controlled oriented games on the Nintendo Switch than there are for VR HMDs.

Anyway, you can look for the Virtual Boxing League to enter into Early Access starting March 12th.


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