Vive Pro Pre-Orders Open Up At $799 For Just The Headset
HTC Vive Pro Pre-Order
(Last Updated On: March 19, 2018)

If you wanted the fully functional, aesthetically improved, wireless version of the HTC Vive Pro, pre-orders have opened up for $799.

The pre-orders have opened up over on the website.

The high $799 price point is only for the head mounted display and nothing else. You do not get the wireless motion controllers, you do not get the base stations, nor the wireless adapter receiver.

So what do you get for $800 bucks? Well, you get the built-in high-quality headphones, adjustable viewing display, and wireless functionality. You’ll have to purchase the WiGig wireless receiver separately, though. No price tag was attached to it but it does offer 360 degree data reception at 60ghz, using a Li-ion battery. Whether or not it works better than the TPCast is a whole other matter, but it’s definitely a lot less cumbersome than current wireless adapter on the market.

The HTC Vive Pro has an upgraded 1440 x 1600 pixel-per eye output with SteamVR tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity and IPD sensor capability.

The full package contains a cleaning cloth, the HMD, the documentation, the power adapter, a DisplayPort cable, a USB 3.0 cable, and a mounting pad.

You’ll still need a hefty rig to run the new wireless VR HMD, but I honestly can’t see how this new wireless rendition will be worth the price of entry given that the current wired version isn’t worth the price of entry. Only people who love throwing money down the drain will likely find themselves enticed by a near $1,000 headset.

One of the other problems is that there’s still a dearth of worthwhile software for the VR headsets. Many gamers still fit within the category of being tech demos or prototypes. Few games feel like fully fleshed out VR gameplay experiences, and with many devs complaining about the cost of development for VR, due to the research and development, it’s unlikely that we’ll see really quality-made VR titles for VR headsets until development tools for VR becomes standardized enough that more studios can cost effectively implement VR functionality without raising the initial cost of development. So this still leaves gamers at an impasse where there aren’t many compelling VR titles for VR headsets.

It seems shortsighted to focus on trying to pump out a new SKU onto the market of an already expensive VR headset while the software offerings are still lacking.

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