Warriors Of Future Trailer Is Like The Hong Kong Version Of Edge Of Tomorrow
Warriors of Future (2019)

With rapid improvements made available in the computer generated graphics space, which allows for visual effects artists to make and create high-quality images on low budgets, we’ve seen a number of interesting projects pop up from within both the interactive entertainment space and the international film space. One such project is One Cool Film’s upcoming sci-fi action flick from Ng Yuen-fai, Warriors of Future.

The movie is about an alien organic named Pandora that lands on Earth and begins to light terraformation over various areas to repair the heavily polluted planet. Pandora begins killing other ogranics in order to repair Earth, which causes Hong Kong’s elite Warriors of the Future to get called into action in order to stop the menace.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The film stars Louis Koo, who seems to be taking on the leading man role that Tom Cruise fulfilled in Edge of Tomorrow. Koo is joined by Sean Lau and Nick Cheung once again, with the trio having shared screen time in the action-drama, The White Storm.

The trailer for the film is pretty awful because I can’t make heads or tails on what’s actually happening on-screen. It’s a poorly edited introduction to the film because it doesn’t exactly explain what the warriors are trying to do, how exactly is causing them problems, and why the giant mech-dog is fighting them.

Warriors of Future - Mech

There are some really neat shots in the trailer, though. The part where the helo-drop ships fly through the city look really good, and the segment where the mech is chasing the armored truck along the highway almost seems like it comes right out of a big-budget Hollywood flick.

The major issue is that the plot is poorly spelled out in the trailer. We get a lot of non-connected scenes that just don’t make a whole lot of sense in the overall context of the trailer itself.

Had I not read the actual description for the film I never would have known what the movie was actually about just by watching the trailer.

On the upside, there’s a long ways to go before Yuen-fai’s film hits theaters – it isn’t due to drop until 2019. So maybe closer toward its release we’ll get something a bit more substantial in the plot and coherency department.


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