Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Gameplay Walkthrough
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Gameplay Walkthrough

Dim Bulb Games’ Where The Water Tastes Like Wine isn’t much of a game in the traditional sense. It’s a narrative-traveling game where you travel across the heart of early 20th century America to collect stories.

If it sounds like a non-traditional task, it’s because Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is a non-traditional game. It’s not necessarily a walking simulator, just the same as it’s not really any other kind of genre-game that can easily fit within the nestled pockets of the descriptors we’re used to using within the ludology of video game discussion.

Nevertheless, if you were at least interested in the early goings of Dim Bulb’s intriguing new narrative tale of tall tales, there’s a brief walkthrough provided by YouTuber TheBlueDragon, who crafts his own tale through the winding winds and tall grass of America’s continental makeup of heroes, legends, and tragic figures.

The start of the game introduces players to a card game where they begin to pick up some winnings at the expense of the other players at the table. The man in gray is the one holding the cards, though. And no matter how much you win, you’re step behind the tail wagging down the road of greed. Nevertheless, you and the man in gray are the only two left… and offers you all of his earnings if you can beat him in this final game of cards. Your hand is impeccable. You cannot lose. You give your word that no matter the outcome, you will pay your debts to the man in gray.

However, every deal with the devil is never made over a pit of fire, brimstone and screaming souls; they’re the deals laid bare with a handshake over a rickety wooden table and good self-indulgence from the man with nothing to lose.

Of course, the player loses to the man in gray, and thus sets up your journey across America to fulfill his request: collect stories, interesting stories.

Your first task is to tell the man in gray a handful of different stories.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine - Stories

The task is pretty simple: you’ll have to tell different stories across the nation as you meet different people. After you tell the man in gray the stories, you’ll be thrust out into the open world.

You can travel wherever you want, but your main goal is to collect stories. Following the path will lead you to the first objective – a hut by the mountains along the road. Go there.

You’ll start walking slowly across the 3D world map. You can speed up your walking by whistling. Whistling will allow you to move a bit quicker.

When you reach a destination simply click on “Search” to trigger a story. For some you might be able to choose between some dialogue or action choices. As you collect the stories such as the “Light in the Sky” in New Hampshire, you’ll be able to work toward the goal set forth by the man in gray.

You’ll also be able to pick up a couple of other interesting stories in New Hampshire, including the story of “The Winged Goat by Pristine Water”.

Up through Vermont you’ll find some other stories as well, including “The elegant woman in the small town”, which is a tight tale about a bourgeois woman from Paris, France visiting the small town.

Near New York you’ll be able to fight the drowsiness or sleep at the watermill in Buffalo. You’ll also be able to pick up the story “The Rider In The Woods” if you stick around and hear the tale instead of tucking tail and running.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine - The Apparrition of Buffalo

If you walk along route 30, you’ll encounter a rickety old truck. This will open up the story “The Women Who Study Dust Storms” – take notes instead of pulling the woman back inside to get the full story.

You’ll meet a porter by the fire from Ohio who is set to travel to Pennsylvania. When the Porter asks you for a story, be sure to tell him the stories equivalent to what he asks for. So if he asks for a scary story, tell him a scary story. If he asks for a happy story, tell him a happy story.

This applies to everyone you meet along your journey.

Moving through toward Michigan you can pick up the story of “Louis Ames’ Violin”, which will give you the option of taking or leaving Louis Ames’ violin.

Moving closer to Detroit you’ll encounter a promising but dubious miracle growth formula from a farmer looking to cure hunger. You can lie and tell him his formula tastes good or you can tell him the truth about the formula before you head on.

There’s a brief look at the map for the northeast of the country, showcasing some of the landmarks heading in either direction.

Through Illinois on your way to Chicago you’ll encounter the “The Lady with the Poison”, where you can pick up a rather odd story about the woman who has poison in her possession.

There’s also a train station near Chiago that you can take across the country, but you may miss out on a few stories along the way.

You can meet a Poet while traveling through Illinois – he wants to hear a story of sadness that resonates with his own life. Tell him of the story about the lonely French woman in the small town in Buffalo, New York. It will open his eye and he will ask for a hopeful story.


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