A Way Out Gameplay Walkthrough
A Way Out Gameplay Walkthrough

Hazelight and Electronic Arts finally released A Way Out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The two-player cooperative action-drama is like an old-school, buddy-up action flick. Players take on the role of two ex-cons attempting to get back to their families and resolve some personal issues. You can play the game either two-player split-screen or online co-op. Additionally you can share the game with your friend via online play even if they don’t own a copy by inviting them to your game.

If you’re interested in A Way Out and need a gameplay walkthrough, there’s a walkthrough guide available covering the action title from start to finish. The game clocks in at around five hours in length.

YouTuber Defaltz has the complete playlist available for A Way Out’s walkthrough that you can check out below.

When you start a new game you’ll have the choice of either playing as Leo or Vincent – once both players make their decision they’re thrust into the action following a lengthy loading sequence.

Once the bus pulls into the yard one player will be able to play as Vincent as he walks through the courtyard.

Leo will be able to watch from the cage or walk around in the prison.

Both players can talk to some of the prisoners.

Have Leo move into the prison while Vincent makes his way through the halls into the changing area.

Leo can then then move through the halls by interacting with the doors.

As Leo you can head through the doors to oversee Vincent being shuffled, buck naked, to his cell.

Leo will need to head back to his cell at 48 on the upper floor. Once both players are in their cells the game will go into another loading sequence and a cinematic.

A Way Out - Someone Wants To Talk To You

Press the left trigger to find points of interest in the prison yard. Interactive objects will be highlighted with the Square button on the PS4 DualShock or the ‘X’ button on the Xbox One controller.

You can run around by pressing in the left analog stick.

Have Leo step into the basketball court.

A QTE fight sequence will break out featuring the classic Uncharted 3 controls. If you’re familiar with the controls you’ll be right at home. Basically press Square on the PS4 DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller to strike and then press Triangle on the DualShock to counter or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to counter.

Once you get done beating the crap out of the guys you’ll end up in the cafeteria.

Vincent will be able to get his food and go sit at a table. Have Leo either talk to or punch the two guys standing in his way.

The knife rapist will attempt to stab Leo. Rapidly tap Square or the ‘X’ button to keep from being stab-raped by the knife rapist. The player in control of Vincent will have to help out by running up and pressing the right trigger to prevent Leo from getting stabbed.

A Way Out - Infirmary

In the next sequence Leo and Vincent will have to work together so that Leo can get his hands on a tool. Have Vincent call the nurse into the room and have her get Vincent some water. Also keep talking to her so that she’s distracted. If you don’t distract her then she will spot Leo and you will have to repeat the sequence.

Wait for the guard to walk back into his office and then sneak into the next room. Wait for the guard to burn himself and then sneak into the next room and grab the tool.

You’ll need to sneak using the Square button on the DualShock or the ‘X’ button on the Xbox controller.

After a couple of cinematics and some excruciating load times, you’ll need to get up on the roof to get the chisel.

If you attempt to get up top the guards will stop you. Go over to the broom and use Vincent to break the broom. Take the broom over to the guard by the door and have Leo and Vincent go over to the platform to get up top and take the chisel.

Have Vincent distract the guard so Leo can get back across to the rooftop. Use the chisel to open the roof access and then hop down. Have Vincent use the broom to open the door so Leo can get out.

In the next scene you’ll need to use the chisel as Leo to move the toilet away from the wall and begin to chip away at the grate behind the toilet. Have Vincent keep an eye on out for the patrolling guards so that the player controlling Leo can keep chipping away at the grate. It’s a tedious and tense situation. Make sure you keep an eye out so that you don’t get caught.

Once you get done chipping away at the toilet and the grate as Leo, hand the tool to Vincent when the coast is clear. Make sure you’re clear so you don’t get busted.

Crawl through the shaft and then go over to the pipe on the other side of the fan and have both of Leo and Vincent pull the pipe down. Use the pipe to stop the fan so one of them can crawl through to the other side.

There’s a fan control access at the back of the shaft after you enter past the fan. Pull it out to stop the fan.

Use both Vincent and Leo to open the door to end the segment.

In the laundry room have Vincent talk to the guy who at the end of the room guarding the laundry cart. Give him some cigarettes and have Leo get into the laundry cart. Bring the cart over to the sheets and fill up the sheets until Leo is completely covered and then take the cart over to the guard.

Have Vincent go provoke the two inmates to distract the guard.

Have Leo go over to the door and open it so that Vincent can get into the room.

Use Leo to stand on the temperature regulators and have Vincent hand him some sheets to complete the segment.

Head down the rope made of sheets and then open the sewer access.

Have Vincent grab a flashlight and then head down into the poopy water – yes, it’s water filled with the sewage of criminals. A fate that even the most tragic of Greek characters would not want to endure.

Move Leo over to the valve – use Vincent to aim the flashlight at the valve so Leo can turn it.

When the water drains have Leo go over to the valve and use Vincent to aim the flashlight at the valve so Leo can drain the rest of the water.

Travel through the maintenance shaft and then have Vincent give Leo the flashlight.

One tricky segment involves both players having to time their button presses at the exact same time.

This part can be very hard if you do not communicate properly. The best course of action is to time your button presses, whether you’re playing online or locally. A good way to get through is to count to ‘3’ and then press Square (or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller.)

After the duo get stuck in the sewer part they have to acquire a wrench from the workshop.

Have Vincent talk to the guy hammering on the plate – while Vincent is distracting the guy have Leo sneak and take the wrench.

Have Leo take the wrench over to the removed vent – move Vincent through the security door and have him go to the other side of the room to remove the garbage bin and remove the hatch. Have Vincent take the wrench.

Proceed to the checkpoint and then use Leo to get patted down by the guard; when he steps through the checkpoint quickly have Leo go over to the window and then have Vincent give Leo the wrench.

Make your way through to the next checkpoint and have Vincent distract the two guards so Leo can slip through and head back to his cell.

The warden and the guards will begin an inspection of the cells. Once you get a chance pass off the wrench from Leo to Vincent and have Vincent hide the wrench behind the toilet.

Another couple of cinematics will play where we learn that Harvey had Vincent’s brother killed and Harvey’s pregnant wife has given up hope on him. Vincent still wants to get revenge against Harvey for killing his brother, though.

We also Learn that Harvey screwed over Leo and has it out for Leo’s lady and his son.

A Way Out - Linda

Once the cinematics are done the duo will be back in the vertical shaft and will have to use the wrench to get the grate open.

From there you’ll need to stealthily sneak through the prison storage rooms and avoid being spotted.

The next task is to bust through the doors.

You’ll have to time the button presses with the thunder. Wait for the to sound off and then both players have to tap Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.

Proceed across the rooftops and back up through the scaffolding that leads toward the warden’s office.

Go out through the double doors after the guards take the elevator. Head down the steps and sneak around the halls until you reach the two guards. Both players must take out the guards simultaneously.

Proceed to do some Metal Gear Solid across the rooftops to reach the guard tower where the light is located.

Turn off the guard tower light and then head inside the tower to take the hangers. Use the hangers to get across the tower and make your way out of the prison and through the rocky areas.

After a short cinematic you’ll have to run across and climb up some rocks. Stick together because you’ll have to use some teamwork to make your way through the gorge.

When you reach the cops you’ll need to do some more Assassin’s Creed and move through the bushes to avoid being spotted.

Sneak up behind the cops and use the right trigger to grab them and rapidly tap the Square button (or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller) to knock them out.

For the last two guards you’ll have to knock them out together otherwise they’ll catch you and beat you like you were a thug.

Continue along the rocky path and take out the guards.

When you reach the bridge you’ll have the choice of either getting under the bridge or engaging in an action sequence where you take out the cop and attempt to get away.

If you take the bridge you’ll be able to stealthily sneak past the guards and pass underneath the bridge.

You’ll also have to stay hidden to avoid being spotted by the helicopter. Proceed through the under-structure and use teamwork where necessary. There’s an axe you’ll need to retrieve in order to get through the locked door.

On the other side of the door you’ll need to sneak around to the back of the lookout structure and take out the guard. Another guard will come through the door and you’ll also need to take out that guard, too.

After another cinematic, you’ll have to navigate Leo and Vincent through the forests and back toward civilization, avoiding the cops and engaging in a few mini-games along the way.


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