A Way Out Launch Trailer Preps For Co-op Action On March 23rd
A Way Out Release Date

A new trailer was released for A Way Out, the third-person co-op adventure game due for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 23rd. The trailer covers the game’s features and story, as two players take on the roles of Vincent and Leo, in their attempt to escape from prison.

The trailer is set to the rocking tune of Kaleo’s “No Good”. It’s a fitting song for the portent adventures of Vincent and Leo, who basically fulfill the roles of the buddy-up duo flicks from the 1980s like The Blues Brothers and 48 Hours.

The newest trailer starts with a chaotic sky-dive and transitions into a collection of clips showcasing some of the different features of the game, including the ability to play co-op either locally or online, as well as the ability to “share” the co-op experience with someone on your friends list who does not own the game. You can check out the trailer below.

The game features 3D platforming, cooperative puzzle-solving, stealth segments, driving segments, and shootouts.

We also get a very brief overview of what Vincent and Leo are about. Vincent was convicted for murdering his own brother, while Leo is attempting to set things right with his family.

We finally get to see a bit more gameplay from A Way Out, including some of the vehicular chase sequences, some of the melee combat, a few over-the-shoulder third-person shooting segments, and plenty of dangerous looking encounters that Leo and Vincent attempt to weasel their way out of.

The game reminds me a lot of Eidos’ Reservoir Dogs and Kane & Lynch, just with more cinematic-quality interaction sequences.

This is likely looking like a day-one buy for me. You can buy a copy of the game for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.


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