Weekly Recap March 10th: Gamespot Triggered By Conservatives, White House Hates Violent Games
Weekly Recap March 10th

The official White House YouTube channel has an unlisted video containing a compilation of video game violence… ultra violence. It also has a hilarious comedic segment involving Fallout 4 where a man manages to tank a rifle blast to the head and just keep on going as if the only rotten thing about his day was how chilly his morning coffee was.

The White House video was part of the summit involving a discussion about the role video game violence plays in shaping the youth of American kids.

Even though it’s easy for us to say that video games don’t turn gamers into killers, some games apparently can trigger low testosterone males into a panic by simply having Right-wing Conservatives in the game. Gamespot’s staff encountered some pro-Constitutionalists in Far Cry 5 and they found themselves more depressed than the trigger on Nicholas Cruz’s AR-15.

These stories and more in this March 10th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Game Journalists Get Triggered By Far Cry 5’s Conservatives

Conservatives as good guys in a game doesn’t seem like much of something to write about, or even complain about. However, Gamespot’s staff got triggered by a Right wing Conservative in Far Cry 5 and spent seven minutes whining about it in a video preview. Annihilation bombed out at the box office, despite critics still celebrating the film for its female-led team of tough scientists who happened to be females who didn’t need no man. Starting next March in 2019, Sony will be removing PS Plus’ free games for PS3 and PS Vita users, so either grab up all the PS3 and PS Vita games while you can or settle for not receiving them anymore for free starting next year. And CD Projekt Red seems to have rewritten or overhauled the original story for Cyberpunk 2077 because they felt it wasn’t impactful enough.


No Nintendo Switch 2.0 In 2018

Nintendo has no plans on rushing out a new Nintendo Switch anytime soon. A Switch 2.0 isn’t scheduled to release until at least 2019. Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer is getting hammered by feminists who are attempting to get the game banned from being sold. The ESA chimed in on the video game violence debate, noting that America has a gun violence problem. And a new Xbox Insider monthly event will unveil brand new games and upcoming specials and deals for Xbox gamers.


White House Video Game Summit

Nintendo dropped a huge Nintendo Direct this week, revealing that Mario Tennis Aces is set to arrive this summer for the Nintendo Switch, along with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Yes, Sony and Activision have whored out Crash to Nintendo. Anyway, the biggest surprise was that the Splatoon 2 characters will join the cast of pugilists in Super Smash Bros.. The White House summit discussing anti-video game violence took place this week and it was a real anti-gaming crap show, with a bunch of anti-gaming activists showing up to berate the industry. Activision unveiled Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but no details were revealed; Ubisoft did the same thing for The Division 2. And bionic prostheses has taken the next step in evolving the process of curing the phantom limb syndrome for amputees.


Feminists Rejoice Over Getting Super Seducer Banned On PS4

It takes a certain level of scumbaggery to rejoice over taking away gaming options from people who just want to be left alone and play their games in peace. However, feminists and SJW bugle boys who have made it their professional aspirations to be beta orbiters, have actually worked hand-in-obese-hand to get Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer banned and they’ve been parading around and rejoicing about their act of censorship like some kind of mosquito that managed to suck blood out of an aids victim and not die. Bend Studio’s Days Gone has been delayed into 2019 for the PlayStation 4, leading some people to fear for its development. Heather Antos is no longer working at Marvel, proving that the purge of SJW writers, editors and artists is real at Marvel and Disney is apparently cleaning house of all the ideologues. And EA plans on attempting to repair the reputation of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 this March with a major update… but if it’s laced with microtransactions it won’t help none, not one bit.


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