Weekly Recap March 31st: Image Comics Clemency Toward Perez, Anti-GG Sex Pest Outed
Weekly Recap March 31 2018

One of the big stories of the week revolved around Image Comics not making proper public statements distancing themselves from Island comic creator Michelle Perez, who has been harassing Diversity & Comics YouTuber Richard C. Meyer, as well as engaging in libel and defamation against Meyer. Image refused to make a public statement denouncing Perez, but they did somewhat acquiesce to requests for a public statement… sort of. Bounding Into Comics notes that Image has said that creators speak for themselves, which seems to be about as far as they’re willing to go on the matter.

While a lot of people are disappointed that Image Comics hasn’t cut off all business with Perez, there was some more positive news when Matt Conn, the Social Justice Warrior who runs GaymerX and the game studio MidBoss, had to resign. Conn was outed as a sex pest and for engaging in sexual misconduct. To no one’s surprise Conn was also anti-#GamerGate. Score one for the good guys.

These stories and more in this March 31st, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Facebook Gets Busted

An adpocalypse finally occurred in the backyard of Mark Zuckerberg’s digital concentration camp for plebeians. Facebook got found out when more than 50 million people’s private information was made readily available, and so a bunch of big corporations decided to temporarily suspend their ads on the site. An art exhibit at a Los Angeles art studio hosted Yakuza 6, allowing gamers to see specific paintings on display as well as purchase a print. EA Vancouver has been conscripted to work on EA’s next big Star Wars project… an open-world MMO that may or may not finally spell doom for EA taking hold of the Star Wars license. The System Shock remake has been delayed all the way into the first quarter of 2020. And BioWare made it known that Anthem won’t be utilizing ray-tracing for its upcoming release.


MidBoss CEO Ousted Over Sexual Misconduct Scandal

An anti-#GamerGate game developer, Matt Conn, was ousted from his companies MidBoss and GaymerX. The co-founder of the companies had multiple allegations levied against for sexual misconduct. Job listings reveal that remasters for several of the latest Ace Combat games could be underway for PS4 and Xbox One users. Twitter finally did the right thing for once and suspended a comic book writer whose books are published under Image Comics for utilizing threatening language and targeted harassment against Diversity & Comics. There’s also a review up for Attack on Titan 2 worth checking out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


SJWs Dig Up #GamerGate To Criticize Ready Player One

SJW movie critics can’t leave well enough alone, digging through the backyard of the bumhole of internet controversies, hoping to glean some smidgen of hits and views from people still hanging onto #GamerGate, doing so by latching it onto criticisms of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. And speaking of corrupt press, NBC News censored one of their guests on Meet the Press in order to avoid having an honest and factual conversation about gun control in America. Gearbox is currently hiring and working on a new AAA first-person shooter. And Square Enix has appointed Hajime Tabata as the studio head over the new Luminous Studios division in Japan.


Uwe Boll Targets The Rock

Now here’s some news that’s bound to make a few people giggle and a few people cringe… but German director Uwe Boll is targeting The Rock’s new flick, Rampage, because he says it infringes on his direct-to-DVD movie trilogy, also called Rampage. The director took an opportunity to direct pot shots at Hollywood, President Donald Trump, and flat-Earthers. The lunacy of ResetEra continues, this time with the forum targeting community-made costumes for the game Black Desert Online, which is renown for having sexy female models. Hell-horror game, Agony, has been delayed again, this time with the release date being pushed back out of the March 30th window. While it’s not the microtransaction ruling that people wanted, Washington State did drop the judicial hammer on mobile casino games, possibly opening the door for legal recourse against other more prominent loot-box laden titles. And Forbes and the Undefeated have baited people in over the race topic in order to generate outrage and clicks, with Forbes saying people need to support bad movies starring diversities, and the Undefeated claiming that e-sports is racist.


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