Weekly Recap March 3rd: Twitch’s Sexist Grants, Trump Vs Sarkeesian
weekly recap march 3rd 2018

Twitch is helping streamers get their foot in the door, elevate their game and improve their streaming. However, the grants are only available for boob-sporting mammals who speak the language of man, but the grants are not for men… only women. Yes, Twitch doesn’t mind a little bit of sexism on the organic island with bananas swinging from a hammock.

But Twitch’s little stunt was nothing compared to the cognitive dissonance exhibited by none other than culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, who ended up criticizing President Donald Trump for his comments about video games, even though the two practically share a history of similarities on video game violence and how they both believe that the media shapes the views of gamers. There has been more wish-washing from gaming journalists and culture critics following Trump’s attacks on gaming these last few weeks than a laundromat filled with the bloody jerseys of hooligans after an Arsenal match.

These stories and more in this March 3rd, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Campo Santo Complains About Gamers Tired Of SJW Games

The developers at Campo Santo have become angered that gamers are tired of SJW games, and more importantly they were peeved that gamers didn’t want to play the In The Valley of Gods because they feared the game features two black lesbians. Sega announced that Shining Resonance Refrain will make its way Westward for the first time… uncensored. A new bill is attempting to make its way through the House that will make website owners and companies liable for user comments and content, and it’s not something anyone is looking forward to. The bill is supposed to be about preventing sex trafficking from being used through websites. Twitch chicks will get some grants to cam it up on the live-stream service.


Metacritic Ranks Bethesda As Top-Rated Publisher of 2017

Bethesda, of all companies, managed to out-rank Nintendo as the top-rated publisher on Metacritic’s list for 2017. Hilariously enough, Bethesda best-rated games in 2017 were sociopolitical nightmare fuel, such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and obviously it resonated well with the communists at most major gaming outlets. On the other side of the corruption spectrum the ESA announced that the ESRB will be making labels to list if games have microtransactions on them, but won’t be disclosing if the games contain premium loot boxes. And the Giant Bomb staff have refused to cover Kingdom Come: Deliverance because they don’t have interest in supporting a game where a developer showed his support for the #GamerGate movement which was about weeding out corruption in games media and getting rid of biased, corrupt journalists. Oh, the irony.


Anita Sarkeesian Takes On Trump In A Battle For Video Games

Who would have thought that Anita Sarkeesian would run to the defense of video games? Well, Sarkeesian put aside her attacks on the industry in order to fulminate President Donald Trump as he’s attempting to curb video game violence. We’ve truly entered into bizarro world. Sarkeesian’s defense of the industry came about after Trump and the gang have been seriously talking about new or added ratings to games and movies in the wake of the Florida shooting. Shenmue’s creator has plans on making additional entries in the series, and hopes that he can continue the story after Shenmue III. Feminists managed to get female models at car shows fired in their continued wake to make society and the work environment more progressive. We could be seeing a new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 if a few leaks are to be believed. And some publishers might be sneaking in microtransactions post-launch to skirt the possible upcoming loot box laws ripe and ready to ravage the gaming industry.

Google Calls Conservative YouTube Censorship A Mistake

A number of Conservative YouTubers had their accounts shut down and their videos removed. During this same time, YouTuber and Libertarian Sargon of Akkad had his Google account disabled. Google responded by claiming that the censorship of Conservative channels was just a “mistake” by some rookie moderators hired in to help out their AI algorithm, which apparently was taking a break. 3D Realms’ Ion Maiden has entered into Early Access, and it continues the trend of the feminist-friendly heroine leading the charge against evil ole men. The only saving grace for the game is that it’s a throwback retro-shooter built on the Duke Nukem 3D game engine. Ubisoft may have said that they weren’t doing loot boxes in Far Cry 5 but they’re certainly adding microtransactions to the game. Trion Worlds is reviving Defiance as a pseudo-sequel of sorts with Defiance 2050 this summer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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