Yes, Chaotic Void’s Mad Zero-G Physics are Mad
Chaotic Void

[Disclosure: A game key was provided for the contents of this article]

I don’t recall the details, but somewhere through the course of last year Chaotic Void demonstrated sufficient neon to have it bookmarked against the Twitter feed that’s mine.

Since then I’ve continued to be entertained by its mildly-amusing, often violent snippets of progress to the point that when it turned Steam Wishlist/Closed Alpha-ready this past January, I considered giving its gravity-defying physics a whirl.

Chaotic Void – Trailer from Resurgam Studios on Vimeo.

Sure Lane Gresham, co-founder of tiny Portland, Oregon based Resurgam Studios was kind enough to cater to this whim of mine, but I rather wish he’d stressed on the fact that it’s brutal. Gamepad-compatible to my relief.

Hurled empty-handed from the four corners of an arena where the gravity is zero, the music broodingly synthesized and the ambience science fiction-like slick, the only control given to players is over their space ranger’s left/right fist.

These must perform either of the following functions —

  • Open one of multiple weapon hatches, each of which contains a randomized arsenal of 26 firearms to spew your best friend with.

  • Pickup said firearms with either fist, keeping their corresponding triggers depressed at-all-times lest risk their being snatched away by gravity.

  • Cling to walls, while the other arm helplessly flails in attempt to land at least one bullet from procured firearms.

  • Trip levers, four of which open a gigantic vacuum that ends all sound and sucks into the void those of your companions lacking in wall-clinging dexterity.

Meanwhile one Analog Stick offers only a modicum of weapon-aiming, or whatever little you’d expect from Zero-G any way. Oh, did I mention severely limited ammo and little-to-no tolerance to damage?

Now imagine having all this to contend with in modes of Team/Free-for-all Capture The Flag where a heavy, also highly explosive, resource item must be lugged back to base between random rounds of computer-controlled enemies that are considerably better at Chaotic Void than you are.

It’s madness, truly, making for an incredible local brawl if you have the social ability for that sort of thing. If not, the stylish visuals and seductive Synthwave should keep the party entertained either way.

Chaotic Void can be expected to enter Early Access soon, possibly on prior to Steam, with a full release contingent on community feedback. Also incoming are at least 10 more maps, plenty of character skins, additional firearms and a survival mode.

As far as the state of the game goes, it’s all pretty solid,’ Gresham says. I’m inclined to concur.


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