Yu Suzuki Shares That There Will Be More Shenmue Episodes

In a recent interview that went down between another publication site and Shenmue III producer, Yu Suzuki, we learn that there could be more entries in the series that continues the story of Shenmue into a possible Shenmue IV… or more.

Shenmue III recently made an appearance in the news via screenshots and a video at Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) 2018. At that same event publication site GamersFlag struck up an interview with producer Yu Suzuki.

We learn that Shenmue III’s ending will be opened to the point where a possible fourth game could spawn from the upcoming third game. The information explaining this potential fourth game can be read over below.

GamersFlag: Now that Shenmue III is well advanced, can you tell us, without much detail, of course, if the end of the game is likely to be open and suggest a Shenmue IV ? Is it a possibility that you left yourself?


Yu Suzuki: Yes, the end will be open for a sequel. It will not be possible to finish with this third episode.

Eager fans looking to finish the long and dragged out story that was put on hold around 2001 will finally have the chance to know what will happen. Additionally, given that a fourth game can spawn out of the third title means that fans will have even more to explore in the world of Shenmue.

Something worth pointing out is that more than three episodes have always been in mind given the following question and answer:

GamersFlag: Yes, basically, you had planned more than three episodes.


Yu Suzuki: Yes, and it would not be possible to finish here without ripping off.

The true question behind all of this is, will Suzuki return back to Kickstarter to fund Shenmue IV? Instead of jumping the gun, fans can look forward to Shenmue III during the second half of 2018. The action-adventure game is currently due out for PS4 and PC, and will be published both physically and digitally by Deep Silver.

You can read the full interview over on GamersFlag.


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