Agony Will Release Censored; Uncensored Patch Will Arrive After Launch

In a new update post featured on Kickstarter, dubbed Update #64, PlayWay and MadMind Studio have disclosed that Agony will release across all platforms censored due to particular scenes in the game that can not be shown on PS4 and Xbox One. However, PC gamers will gain access to a patch that will restore all adult themes.

A Q&A-like update post went up today that details a plethora of content regarding Agony, but the most alarming news to backers and fans of the soon-to-be-released horror-adventure game comes in the form of censorship.

PS4 and Xbox One have policies in place that do not allow for adult ratings and forced the game to be censored. This restriction policy that consoles have also doubled over to PC, but PlayWay and MadMind Studio wanted all 18+ content to be in the game and found that an adult patch for PC can bypass the rules in place.

You can either read the whole thing about Agony’s censorship over on or below.

  • What about different censorship on the available platforms?
    All versions will be the same.


  • Are you going to give us a tool to deal with the censorship?
    No, we aren’t. We promised to publish all the censored materials online, all in a good quality.

You are probably thinking, “this goes against what was said last year?” The response to censorship featured on Steam’s news section by the devs over Agony on September 20th, 2017, reads:

“Agony is a game for adult customers. We are doing everything we can to protect this game from any kind of censorship.

If this means that Agony will be banned in few countries then it’s the cost that we can take.

But if we will be forced to remove anything to get “M” rating on consoles, then we will tell you about it, and most likely, show you all deleted scenes in good quality after the premiere. In that scenario, you can expect to see free “18+ patch” for PC. You have to understand that any rating above “M” automatically blocks the games on consoles.”

Well, in a more in-depth response made on Twitter about the whole censorship thing comes this tweet by an Agony developer:

To sum the whole situation up, PlayWay and MadMind Studio wanted 18+ content in Agony and added it in the game. When the console version went through a form of certification it forced the team to restrict some of the adult content across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, the team still wanted the original adult content in the game and will ship a post-launch patch to unlock all adult content on PC.

As of right now, Agony is said to release “soon” for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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