AO International Tennis Videos Cover Character, Stadium, Clothing, And Decal Customization

AO International Tennis

Big Ant Studios revealed several new videos for AO International Tennis, the upcoming tennis sports title for the Xbox One and the PS4. The first video covers the game’s customization features, such as being able to create your very own custom stadium as well as being able to create your very own character.

The first video is pretty informative in terms of the creation suite, which will allow players to customize just about every aspect of their stadium, from the surface to the banners to the design of the court. You can save your custom stadium and then share it with other people online when go head-to-head in online bouts or tournaments. Alternatively, you can use your custom stadiums in local matches against another player or the AI as well.

The second half of the video covers the character creation suite, which allows you to modify almost every aspect of your custom tennis star, for whom you can take into the career mode and become the number one ranked tennis player in the world. You can change your character’s skin color, eye type, socket, depth, nose shape, hair style, body type, skull shape and more.

What’s more is that you can choose their serve style, their groundstroke style, their preferred style, their preferred hand, their voice, vocal pitch, and nationality.

The character creator is surprisingly deep, and if the gameplay is as in-depth as the creation suite then gamers could be in for a real treat.

You can see more of the player editor with the video below, which gives you a look at just how many different options are available in the creator.

Like most other comprehensive creation tools out there the game utilizes a mix of slider bars and prefab options. Majority of the finer details are located through the slider bar options, so you can make fine tweaks and modifications to just about every aspect of the character that you can think of.

But it doesn’t end there.

AO International Tennis also features a detailed decal editor. You can see exactly what sort of decals you can make and how you can apply them to your custom character with the brief demonstration video below.

The decal editor is actually a heck of a lot more detailed than I thought it would be. One of the best decal editors out there is the one from Reloaded Productions’ APB: Reloaded, but the one in AO International Tennis puts APB: Reloaded’s decal editor to shame, which is surprising given that it’s a tennis game.

You can also modify your character’s clothing attire; you can customize the livery of your tennis racket; you can apply various decals to your tennis racket; and you can basically outfit your character from head to toe in just about every way imaginable.

AO International Tennis is due for release on May 8th for PS4 and Xbox One. Sadly, PC gamers are left out of the loop this time around. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.