Battletech Gameplay Walkthrough
Battletech Gameplay Walkthrough

Harebrained Schemes’ crowdfunded rendition of Battletech recently emerged for PC for digital distribution. For gamers starting off in the game and have no idea what they’re doing, there have been some basic walkthrough guides made available to help set you on your way, get your mercenaries up to par, and ensure that your mechs are functioning properly.

YouTuber EnterElysium has a series of walkthrough videos covering the early goings of Battletech, which you can check out below.

You can start either in the skirmish mode or the campaign. Obviously the walkthrough is for the campaign mode.

Once you start a new campaign you’ll be greeted with an intro cinematic.

The game starts on the Aurigan Reach, a small kingdom in the Rimward Periphery. Once the background description is made, you’ll be able to customize your character, which includes various locations from where your family originated.

Battletech – Intro

Battletech Character Customization

Depending of the background you choose will determine what your origin story is, and how you choose what happens to your character after a certain age, you’ll be able to choose a setback for your character that refines them through the fire of adversity. Said adversity gives you two points in certain attributes.

Depending on the kind of playstyle you want will determine what two starting attributes you want. If you’re unsure what the attributes do, be sure to click on the orange text to give you a description of the attribute.

A third part of the backstory option will allow you to choose another outcome for your character, which will give you a third stat.

Battletech - Character Customization

How To Control The Mechs

Once you finish the backstory for your character you can choose their callsign, their first and last name, a pronoun (which was implemented for SJWs, but just stick with the two biological genders if you don’t want support Leftist degeneracy). Next up, you can customize your character by changing the makeup, tattoos, scars, hairstyle, eyebrows, facial hair, expressions, and complexion.

You’ll need to proceed through the tutorial, which will teach you how to move your mech across the hex grid and attack enemies.

Once you learn how to move about, you will then learn how to target enemies and target specific parts of the enemy to do damage.

Now the trick to doing damage is to target parts of an enemy unit that isn’t as armored. The higher armored parts of a unit means you’ll do fewer amounts of damage to an enemy.

You can choose which weapons you can use during an attack. The more you fire energy-based weapons the more heat your mech will build up.

Battletech - Heat

Battletech Heat Consumption

Too much heat will force your mech to shut down once it overheats.

You can cool your mech down by stepping into water, or you can avoid firing your weapons for an entire round so the heatsink can reduce the heat buildup.

Using jumpjets raises the heat up by a significant amount.

Essentially, you’ll only want to use the jump jets for tactical purposes to avoid building up heat, especially if you need to fire your weapons on the next turn.

Also, keep in mind that rockets and munitions-based weapons takes up less heat than energy based weapons.

Battletech - Preparing For Battle

Battletech Weapon Strategies

You’ll complete the tutorial after performing a sprint and a melee attack.

You can choose which weapons to use during a turn by clicking on the little white dot next to the weapon. You can use this as a way to put together combos as well.

During the next mission the game starts in real-time mode. Here you’ll be able to move all three mechs freely up until you enter the vision of the enemy mechs.

As pointed out by Elysium, lighter, faster mechs get to move first. Larger, heavier mechs move last.

Combat is similar to Fireaxis’ XCOM, insofar that you don’t have time units, but instead you have two action cues, one for movement and second for attacking.

If you step behind hills or behind a building or into a thicket of trees, you will gain cover bonuses to reduce damage intake.

Also keep in mind that different areas of the mech have different levels of armor. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen you’ll see the armor ratings for your mechs. This will show both the front and rear armor ratings. You’ll want to avoid putting the back of your mech to your enemy, because the rear of most mechs are their weakest. Damage will reduce the white icons in the bottom left hand corner until it turns gray or black, which then indicates that the back armor is completely gone.

Likewise, you’ll want to try to circle around enemies and get in attacks behind them in order to do maximum damage.

You’ll have to take out the two guards on the road and then proceed into the forest to take out several Scorpion units.

The Scorpion tanks don’t have armor, so you don’t have to use high-heat consuming weapons to take them out. This will allow you to conserve your coolant.

As pointed out by Elysium, it’s important to get your character the kills. A good way of doing that is having the teammates fire a single weapon to reduce the armor on the tanks and then use your character to destroy the tank.

Victoria Espinosa will send in three additional mechs to apprehend Kamea.

Battletech Combat Strategies

A good tactical strategy going into most fights is to look at the enemy’s balance and structure. For some enemies they’re so heavily armored it’s best to target their lower body so that you can tip them over.

The yellow balance bar indicates a mech’s structural stability. If you keep targeting the legs you can force a mech to fall, alternatively if the yellow bar reaches the top the mech will become unstable and topple over.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shooting the arms of an enemy opponent can wipe out their weapons on that limb, which can limit the amount of damage they can do each turn.

If you don’t have the armament to take out the head or torso armor of an opponent, attempt to target a specific limb of an enemy mech.

What’s more is that weapons such as lasers and cannons require line-of-sight to fire on a target. Rockets and missiles don’t necessarily require line of sight but do require an enemy to be within target range.

For the segment where you’re facing off against Haust in the Wolverine WVR-6R and the two turrents, Elysium suggests using the multi-target skill, which will allow you to use multiple weapons against multiple targets. You can alternate between which weapons targets which opponents by clicking on the letter by the weapon. The letter corresponds with the target. So if an enemy target has an ‘A’ over it, all weapons with ‘A’ besides it will fire on that assigned target.

If any of your units are in a very bad state with low HP and damaged armor, use the sprint skill to race out of range of enemy fire, which will raise your evading abilities. Once you take out the Wolverine you’ll complete the first major story mission.

Battletech - Death of a Mercenary

A short interlude will play showing the new Directorate usurping the throne, and a news clip saying that the original heiress was supposedly killed in the dropship attempting to flee the planet during the coup.

Once you talk to a black man about being rescued by the mercenaries, you’ll be able to start the next mission.

The next mission takes place three years after the incident involving the coronation bombing, and you’re now working with a handful of other mercenaries in the outer rim.

The first part of the mission involves taking out a turret generator, and then destroying the second site near the crater.

You’ll have four mercs at your disposal, one of which includes your created character.

You’ll want to protect any smaller mechs in your party by moving them to the back of the party. Be sure to keep your heavily armored units up front to tank hits.

There will be two enemy mechs that are protecting alpha site. Elysium notes that you’ll want to keep out of sight of the turrets to avoid taking fire from both the mechs and the turrets.

He also suggests that when it comes time to customizing your mechs’ loadout, go for specific ranges for your crew.

What you’ll want to do is take out the target generator as quickly as possible. You can use Behemoth to get in as close as possible and launch a volley of everything at the turret generator and then use someone like Glitch to take out the generator if it doesn’t die instantly.

You can also use special skills such as Vigilance and Precision Strike – the first skill raises your guard and defenses for the next round while the latter skill allows you to perform a precision strike that does specific damage to a specific area.

Keep in mind that certain special skills consume your morale. Your team shares morale so if you choose to use morale-specific skills, you’ll need to use them wisely.

After you take out the two mechs, an enemy dropship will bring in reinforcements at the bravo site.

You’ll want to group up your team and continue to combo your attacks against the enemy mechs.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll want to maintain the high ground whenever possible because if you allow the enemy to take the high ground there’s the possibility of them using the hill to jump down on your head and crush your mech. Alternatively, you can also use your mechs to jump jet down on top of an enemy mech to crush their head. However, death from above will damage your mech’s legs, so only use it in desperate situations.

After you take out the second site, the IPL rep will backstab you and you’ll need to take out the vehicles and turrets to complete the mission.

Once you complete the mission the team will have a meeting for additional missions.

When the meeting is complete, you’ll be able to finally customize your mech loadouts in the mech bay. You can also go into the company customization tab to change the crests on the mechs and alter the color scheme for your company’s mechs.

In the mech bay you’ll be able to modify your mech loadouts by changing the weapons across the arm, torso and head, as well as add or remove jump jets. You’ll start with six slots in the first mech bay, but you can unlock up to 18 slots. You can also change the names of your mechs, too.

If you go into the system store you can purchase mech salvage, which means that purchasing more salvage of a particular mech will allow you to eventually rebuild it into a full mech, or you can purchase new weapons.

One thing you’ll want to do is focus on having certain mechs perform specific roles. This will help in drastically increasing the effectiveness of a mech. Class-style mech setups – such as designating one as a sniper or another as a close-range melee type – will allow you to make good use of a mech in specific situations.

You can also add and more the armor on each part of the mech’s body, as well as adding frontal and rear armor. Removing the armor will make the mech lighter, but it will also decrease its protection.

Depending on how you outfit your mechs determines how long it will take to outfit the mechs and how much money you will spend.

You’ll need to find a fine balance between armament and expenditures during the early part of the game.

It’s important to make sure you’re more-so focused on getting in a few contracts in Battletech before going in heavy with customization, otherwise you’ll run out of money and lose the game.


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