Bubble Date Mania Pre-Registration Goes Live For Sexy Free-to-Play Puzzle Shooter
Bubble Date Mania

Nutaku has announced that the latest game to join their stable of ever-expanding adult-themed video games is the free-to-play puzzle-shooter, Bubble Date Mania. The game is due for release on May 1st next month, but ahead of its release the company announced that you can pre-register right now.

The puzzle-shooter sports five unique girls where you can unlock uncensored moments of lascivious pleasure with the ladies by completing the challenges laid out ahead of you. The 2D waifus will give you enough incentive to blast through the 120 different levels spanning three game modes.

Bubble Date Mania - Wide Open For Service

What’s more is that those who can’t have their ambitiously lewd desires fulfilled, will find that a brand new buxom honey will be added to the game each and every month. So there’s going to be extra incentives to stay hooked on the treadmill of hotness.

The puzzle shooter is described in ways that sounds a lot like Gal Gun 2, except instead of shooting up the skirts of young hotties in order to pleasure them, you’ll have to meet all the requirements laid out before you by the various chicks you go on a date with, completing the objectives in order to unlock a naughty and nice lewd scene. You can check out some of the gameplay footage below.

As you progress through the game you’ll be able to unlock new upgrades for your bachelor pad, as well as earn more bonus XP during dates. The better you are at dating, the more pants-busting photos you’ll earn from the ladies.

Most of the gameplay challenges are themed around Puzzle Bobble style match-3 mini-games, so if you’re familiar with Huniepop you’ll likely feel right at home with Bubble Date Mania, where you’ll be busting more than just colorful bubbles.

Bubble Date Mania - Bubble Butt

You can pre-register to play Bubble Date Mania right now by visiting the official Nutaku website. You’ll earn some free rewards for registering early. Alternatively, you can wait until May 1st to get in on the game when it officially launches on the adult web portal.


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