City Of Brass, Arabian Nights-Inspired Rogue-Like Launches May 4th For PS4, XB1, PC
City of Brass
(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

Uppercut Games announced that their Arabian Nights-inspired rogue-like first-person action game, City of Brass, will launch next month on May 4th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC for $19.99.

The game is currently in Early Access on the Steam store for $24.99, and has been there since last September in 2017. Uppercut Games have been slowly improving and updating the game over the last year in order to flesh out the levels, refine the gameplay, and improve the combat and overall playability.

The hook for the game is that the player-character encounters a genie who allows him to enter into the City of Brass in order to acquire as many riches as he can hold. However, there’s a limited amount of time to search the city before it descends back into the depths of the sands, and there’s the added dangers of the city’s inhabitants that consist of skeletal warriors, mages, sorcerers, flaming demons and other monstrosities.

Equipped with a whip and a sword, players will have to navigate through the City of Brass in order to attain the riches before time runs out. To make matters even more difficult, the city rearranges and changes thanks to a procedural but “logical” design. So the dangers are never fleeting. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Artistically the designers at Uppercut Games decided to go with a mixture of stylized character art with slightly grounded-in-reality environmental designs. You get a cross between fantasy and recognizable elements of reality. The bazaar, palaces, and stone-structured rooftops are formed around the long deceased but not forgotten Persian culture.

As you can see in the trailer above, City of Brass isn’t just an admixture of architectural eye-candy and hack-and-slash action, there are also traps, pitfalls, and platforming to be had. Yes, there’s more to the game than just whipping skulls off skeletons’ bodies, and dicing through evil djinns. You’ll have to utilize timing and precision to get through the parkour elements as well.

Veterans of the original BioShock have been at the helm of the project, so it will be interesting to see what the final product is like and whether or not they can land another success title on home consoles. I guess we’ll find out on May 4th, eh?

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