Dark Rose Valkyrie Cheats Grant You Infinite HP, Unlimited Items
Dark Rose Valkyrie Cheats
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

Some cheats have popped up for the Steam release of Idea Factory International’s JRPG, Dark Rose Valkyrie. The hot and spicy turn-based role-playing game finally made its way to Steam after spending two years soaking up some joy and entertainment from PS4 gamers living in the land of the rising sun. If you happened to pay some coinage into the coffers of Idea Factory for the privilege to play the PC port of Dark Rose Valkyrie, there’s some good news in the form of some cheat trainers being made available for the JRPG.

You’ll find a premium trainer available for download right now over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Infinite HP
  • Infinite AP
  • Infinite BP
  • Infinite PP
  • Unlimited Items
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Change Marks
  • Change Medals
  • Super Speed
  • One Hit Kills
  • Character Editor

Most of these cheats are all self explanatory. You have the infinite gauge cheats so that you can stuff practically every enemy you encounter with ease, and the unlimited items so you can buff up your team with plenty of gear, and the ability to utilize super speed and one hit kills.

Dark Rose Valkyrie - Bikini Fight

You can also modify the characters using the character editor, which is not too dissimilar from the character editors that were popular in games like the old X-Com titles from Micropose or BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate before the diversity hires ruined the company with all of the SJW nonsense.

The game itself is about a special military outfit tasked with taking down mutated beings known as Chimera. Players will take their party into battle and utilize traditional JRPG turn-based tactics to thwart enemies.

One thing worth noting is that this game is more visual novel than traditional JRPG. In fact, you’ll spend a good hour listening to and reading dialogue before you start getting into the meat of the combat system. One highlight is that the chicks in the game can have their outfits damaged and you can also customize the hotties so that they head into battle in their bra and panties if you want.

Dark Rose Valkyrie is available right now on the Steam store for $39.99.

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