Doodle Date And Dimension Of Monster Girls Invade Steam
Dimension of Monster Girls

Sometimes your dating sim needs just can’t be met with the standard fare vanilla software that gets doled out every so often. Sometimes you need something special to sate those digital desires of yours. Well, you’re in luck because Nick Lives’ doodle-drawing dating sim, Doodle Date, and RhinoGearz’ Dimension of Monster Girls, are both available on Steam right now.

In Doodle Date you can literally draw your very own waifu, and then date them… and maybe even do some other stuff, too. You know, really great stuff (just imagine a “wink” “wink”, and a “nudge” “nudge” here).

You use the game’s built-in creation tool suite to build your very own waifu or husbando, and then you proceed to go through a series of dates with them. You can check out the trailer below.

The game even allows you to save and store your drawings and then share them with other users. So you don’t have to be selfish with your waifu if you don’t want to. Heck, you can even enter them into a waifu beauty competition, if you’re into that sort of thing (but come on, who isn’t?)

You can pick up a digital copy of Doodle Date right now from over on the Steam store for just $1.99. During the first week of being on sale you can grab the game for 20% off the normal price for just $1.59.

Dimension of Monster Girls - Snake Girl

Next up is the monster girl dating sim from RhinoGearz called Dimension of Monster Girls.

The game is about an average guy named Morgan who lives a mundane life and he absolutely hates it. As a college dropout stuck in a menial job, Morgan decides to visit his parent’s house to reevaluate his life, but during the trip the boat he’s own sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but he’s saved just in a nick of time by some sexy monster girls.

The monster girls that save Morgan want something in return: offspring.

There are only females of their kind, and they need to mate with a male to keep their species alive. It’s up to Morgan to romance the three monster girls, including, Beatric the Lamia, Reina the Kraken, and Iris the Alraune.

If you’re into monster girls and you want to romance the busty vixens in the naughty visual novel, you can do so right now. Dimension of Monster Girls is available on the Steam store for just $4.99.


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