Facebook Shuts Down Richard Spencer Pages But Lets ANTIFA Remain


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After Vice contacted Facebook about hosting hate groups on the service, following the Congressional hearing involving Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, the social media network responded by saying that they did not host hate groups and followed it up by removing the Facebook pages for Richard Spencer’s Alt Right groups.

The Hill is reporting that two pages were removed, both of which had a total membership of less than 15,000.

The article also reports that Spencer temporarily had his Twitter account shutdown in 2016, but Twitter later reinstated Spencer’s account but removed his verification badge. Disqus also disabled and shutdown all comment support for Spencer’s websites in October of 2017.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Facebook has not removed Antifa groups.

As pictured below, or through the Facebook search feed, there are dozens of currently active ANTIFA pages circulating across the Facebook platform.

As you can see, the official ANTIFA group page on Facebook has 282,000 likes.

The alleged anti-fascist group has already been labeled by the FBI and other national security agencies as “domestic terrorists”, since 2016, as reported by The Independent.

ANTIFA has regularly had run-ins with the law, with 13 protestors being arrested last year in August during the “Battle for Berkeley”, as reported by the Daily Caller. This also happened around the same time as German police officers raided the homes of ANTIFA members and had various agitators and instigators arrested. It would have mattered if they were attempting to use the dark web or web hosting Canada, either way the authorities hunted them down and shut them down.

There has been lots of video footage captured of ANTIFA members committing acts of violence, engaging in fights, destroying public property, and taking part in general rioting, as depicted in the video compilation below from a video uploaded by the Common Sense Conservative.

It appears as if there’s a double-standard in what’s considered a hate group by Facebook. Actual rioting, advocating of violence, and the promotion of disruptive public behavior seems to be okay in the eyes of Facebook, but groups having a right to assemble under certain social causes is not.

(Main image courtesy of The House of Peasants)