FAR: Lone Sails Will Launch With Digital Soundtrack, Artbook DLC
Far Lone Sails

Okomotive and Mixtvision announced that their side-scrolling, 2.5D traveling survival game, FAR: Lone Sails, will launch for PC starting next month on May 17th.

A standard version will be available along with a digital artbook and digital soundtrack, both of which can either be acquired separately for $2.99 and $4.99 respectively, or as part of a digital collector’s edition bundle pack.

The artbook features 37 pages of concept art, sketches and 3D models from the design team on how they came up with the post-apocalyptic aesthetic for FAR: Lone Sails, and the world that the player-character inhabits.

You can sample some of the soundtrack with the Soundcloud embed below to get an idea of what the music is like.

Creative director Don Schmocker mentions in the press release that the game was inspired by a variety of existential works, including Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections; George Miller’s Mad Max II: The Road Warrior; Wolfgang Petersen’s unforgettable World War II thriller, Das Boot; and Jenova Chen’s Journey.

You can definitely see influences from all of the aforementioned properties within the design and visual presentation of FAR: Lone Sails, especially Journey. You can see for yourself what the team at Okomotive have come up with via the trailer below, courtesy of Mathchief.

The game reminds me a little bit of John Hillcoat’s The Road and Monte Markham’s Neon City.

However, it’s not just another traveling game. You will have to worry about more than just getting from one destination to the next. In your vehicle you’ll need to make sure it stays running right proper and has all of the amenities you need to survive. There’s kind of a multi-layer aspect to the gameplay, where you’re not only keeping your ride fine-tuned for travel, but also dealing with platforming mechanics as you scavenge for supplies, and battle against harsh weather conditions as well.

FAR: Lone Sails probably won’t be a huge seller but I can easily imagine this game having a devoted audience as a niche, cult classic.

You can learn more about FAR: Lone Sails by visiting the official website.


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