Feral Blue, Nautical Survival Game Coming To Steam Early Access
Feral Blue

Snowbird Games is working on a cool new survival game called Feral Blue. Unlike other survival games out there that focus on surviving on an island with monsters, zombies, or other players, Feral Blue is themed around braving the wide open expanse of a seemingly endless ocean while building your own nautical empire along the way.

The game is set at the end of the 17th century in 1699, where the polar ice caps have melted and a “second flood” has commenced. Players will start out on a small ship and will need to gather resources, build up a town, and defeat rival ships along the way.

Snowbird Games is taking their experience from titles like Eador, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword and Blood & Gold in order to apply it to the nautical survival game, Feral Blue.

Players will be able to create various captains and crews to man the ships under their fleet, while dealing with all of the ups and downs that come with the cutthroat world of pirating and survival. You can see what the naval battles and seafaring looks like in action with the announcement trailer below.

As depicted in the announcement trailer, the game has a wide variety of different ship types and weapons available at the player’s disposal.

The game, in a way, is very similar to the movie Waterworld, where boats and sea-thievery run rampant within Feral Blue. However, the big difference is that it didn’t cost $245 million to depict a flooded Earth in Feral Blue.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered title will allow you to manage your crew, giving them what they need in order to maintain their vassalage. If you don’t meet their needs, then expect a mutiny and potential riots.

Beyond scouring the watery world and engaging in naval battles, there’s also political and military campaigns to go on, as well as diplomatic missions that will offer you various challenges in dealing with plots to undermine your supremacy or to upend your potential dominance over the world.

It sounds like a sea-centric version of Mount & Blade. You can learn more about the game or keep an eye on when it will become available in Early Access on Steam by visiting the Steam store page.


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