Frostpunk Gameplay Walkthrough
Frostpunk Walkthrough

11 Bit Studios’ highly anticipated, city management, strategy-survival game, Frostpunk, is currently available on PC right now. You can pick up a digital copy from participating digital distributors and dive right in, right now. For gamers who have already booted up their copy of the game and are having a difficult time getting started, there’s a walkthrough guide to help you on your way.

YouTuber Skye Storme has a complete gameplay walkthrough playlist, spanning just under a dozen videos that cover a guided walkthrough of Frostpunk’s campaign mode. You can check it out below.

After you start a new game, you can select a scenario and start the game.

The walkthrough covers the first scenario in the game: A New Home

Once you get into the game, the first thing you’ll want to do is pause the game.

Now according to Skye you can actually go the first few days without turning the generator on, so the first thing you’ll want to do is get your kids working. Yes, child labor for the win.

FrostPunk - Child Labour

Go into the book of laws under the adaptation skill tree and go over to the “Child Labour – Safe Jobs” and sign it.

The next thing you’ll want to do is get your workers collecting resources, specifically having the workers collect the wood piles around the area at the start of the game.

As mentioned, you don’t need coal right at the start. You will need to acquire wood right at the start.

During the first day, by around 16:00pm, start laying down the foundations for housing around the generator. You’ll want eight tents that will need to be built and you’ll need to allocate up to 80 works to get it done.

You can rotate the buildings for your city using the middle mouse button when placing down structures.

At the end of the workday the people will go home and begin to build their tent houses.

After eight tents are built, use your resources to build a medical post under the health tab.

Skye suggests using the four inner rings within the city for housing alone. He then builds two workshops about six spaces out from the generator.

Next up, build a gather post about six to seven paces out from the generator.

Check your medical post to make sure no one is sick, but if they are have the engineers put in their time at the medical post to fix some people’s bad health situations.

Place the remaining members of the engineers at the workshops so that they can begin to research new tech. Also open up the book of laws and sign a new law for the Emergency Shift.

Frostpunk - Emergency Shift

Next up, once the day shift starts begin researching heaters as quickly as possible.

After you gather more wood build a hunting lodge.

When you attain 50 wood your next requirement is to go into the research menu and begin researching a drawing board.

After the Hunter’s Hut is built, you’ll want to assign some workers to the Hunter’s Hut and build another gathering hut next to the Hunter’s Hut.

Proceed to sign a new law into play for the Extended Shift. This will allow more people to work for longer hours.

During this time you may encounter moral dilemmas where kids may be injured while working. You can give people hope by allowing the kids to have a day off.

Once you get enough resources, your next main goal is to build the Cookhouse.

Once the drawing board research is complete, the first thing you’ll want to do is upgrade the Generator Power.

When you’re able to enact a new law, open up the book of laws and the next thing you’ll want to sign into law is… Soup.

Now on hard mode you may have to deal with massive temperature drops. You will need to turn on the generator if a frost front comes in.

Switch over to the temperature mode and turn on the heaters for houses and research facilities until they have enough heat so that the city is “livable”, if you get hit with a frost front.

If a gathering post runs out of resources and is not near any other resource nodes, be sure to dismantle it to recoup your resources.

The next task is to research a sawmill to compensate for your dwindling resources.

If you have enough resources, build another Hunter’s Hut to increase food reserves. If you’ve acquired enough resources you can pull some of the workers from other resource nods and put them onto the Hunter’s Hut.

During the next book of laws upgrade, you can build a fighting arena to help raise hope and lower discontent.

Frostpunkt - Fighting Arena

Now you can balance out your resources by raising the steam level to 3 and then turn off the overdrive mode once level 3 is fully maximized.

Now once your sawmill is complete, place the sawmill within the patch of trees.

Be sure to connect a road way to the sawmill once you have enough resources.

During the next research upgrade go into the technology tree and upgrade the sawmill upgrade so that it brings in more wood in a quicker way and it only requires steel instead of wood to upgrade.

During the next upgrade for the research, go into the food and shelter tab and upgrade the hunting gear. This will speed up the amount of food coming into the city.

Once you gather enough resources from the first sawmill you’ll want to build a second sawmill. Also, don’t forget to rearrange the workers who are finished with other projects.

Frostpunk - Public House

During the next book of laws, you’ll want to enable the Public Housing in order to reduce discontent and raise hope by giving the people a good ‘ole pipe ‘n hole.

Once you gather enough resources and you have your research team free, proceed to go into the exploration and industry tab and start researching the beacon.

For the next book of laws upgrade, you’ll want to continue to remove the raising discontent among your people by giving them moonshine. This will come with each meal and lower their anguish.

When the cold front passes over don’t forget to lower the steam level back to 1, this will reduce your daily coal consumption.

During the next technology research session, you’ll want to research the scouts. You can also place the beacon station down.

Frostpunk - Beacon Scout

With the beacon you’ll be able to scout new territories on the overworld map. You’ll need to set aside five workers to scout outside the crater to find new areas for resources and civilization growth.

During the Lost Expedition scouting mission, you may encounter some more people. You’ll want to get them back to the city as safe as possible, so you may want to help escort them back into the city.

When the people get back to the city you’ll be able to put them to work instantly.

Keep in mind that adding more people to your city also consumes more resources such as food. So when you bring more people back to your city don’t hesitate to designate them to the Hunter’s Hut to keep your food supplies up.

You’ll also be able to use a few of those new folks as scouts to bring in more people. So research more scouts and have them go out on adventures.

In the next book of laws upgrade, you can lower discontent – which will constantly be on the rise due to the stress of survival – by implementing a whore house.

Frostpunk - Prostitution

Keep in mind that prostitution lowers the overall hope of people due to the fact that prostitution ruins marriages and family life, but who cares? Men need to knock some rocks against some clams, even in a frost-apocalyptic scenario.

Proceed to research steelworks and then make sure that all your resource gatherers are working right proper and that your scouts are out and about bringing in more people to help grow your city.


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