GaymerX Parts Ways With Midboss After Toni Rocca Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
GaymerX Toni Rocca

Original Midboss and GamerX founder, Matt Conn, took a leave of absence following sexual misconduct allegations. The anti-#GamerGate activist was smeared across social media and some enthusiast media outlets for his antics. Conn’s position as head of Midboss was given over to Toni Rocca, who was charged with heading up the game development studio. However, additional allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced against Toni Rocca, causing the new heads of GaymerX to completely part ways from Midboss. is reporting that GaymerX, an LGBTQIA organization, is no longer attached to the game company Midboss. The newly appointed executive director, Katie Kaitchuck, told…

“We at GaymerX take these accusations very seriously and want to apologize to anyone hurt by the conduct of our former staff. As the new head of the organization, I will make sexual harassment training mandatory for all staff and volunteers as well as install reporting mechanisms for all HR violations.”

Matt Conn originally created GaymerX and Midboss. The GaymerX organization was supposed to be responsible for conventions aimed at the LGBTQIA community, while Midboss was formed to create games for Leftists.

Dangerous did a report on the allegations against Toni Rocca, which surfaced shortly after Rocca was appointed to take over Matt Conn’s role as the head of the indie video game development outfit, Midboss. In the article it cites examples of individuals who claimed that Rocca would accuse people of transphobia if they refused to engage in sexual activities.

The allegations weren’t addressed by Rocca or Conn. However, GaymerX’s new management decided to distance the organization from Rocca, Conn and the indie studio Midboss.

For those of you unfamiliar with Midboss, it’s the studio behind the Leftist visual novel, 2064: Read Only Memories, which became infamous when the studio made anti-Trump comments, which resulted in the game’s sales tanking a nasty dive when gamers began refunding the title following the comments.

[Update 4/8/2018:] According to Venture Beat, Toni Rocca has been replaced with interim CEO Cade Peterson. Rocca will exit from Midboss over the next couple of months.


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