God Of War (2018) PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough
God of War (2018) - Gameplay Walkthrough

Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio’s God of War for the PS4 is finally out and available. Given that they re-released the original God of War on PS4 it makes it a little difficult to distinguish between the two, but if you call it Dad of War or Cuck of War I think most people get the gist. Anyway, the 2018 release of God of War is out now for PS4 and if you’re seeking a gameplay walkthrough, there’s one available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire put together a multi-video playlist covering the game from start to finish, which you can check out below. God of War clocks in at around eight hours in length.

At the start of the game you’ll have four difficulty settings to choose from:
Give Me Story
Give Me a Balanced Experience
Give Me a Challenge
Give Me God of War

Each difficulty setting offers players a little something different. However, the final difficulty setting cannot be changed during the middle of the game, and so if you want to play on the “Give Me God of War” setting, you’ll have to play through the mode from start to finish.

Press R1 to swing the axe after starting a new game. This is also how you will perform primary attacks in the game as part of the new combat system.

Use the left analog to move Kratos around.

When you’re in the boat, use the left analog stick to move the boat around.

Follow the cutscene-style pathway up to the cabin.

God of War (2018) - Lo There Do They Call To Me

God of War PS4 Controls: How To Play

Another lengthy cinematic will play.

Eventually you’ll be able to play as Kratos as he goes hunting with Atreus.

Press the options menu to modify the camera settings. You can use the right analog to swivel the camera around during gameplay.

There are toys and artifacts you can find along the way; you’ll also need to collect hacksilver in order to purchase items.

Press the Circle button to jump gaps. You can’t jump on your own, you can only jump when prompted. You can also leap over objects by pressing the Circle button.

You can aim by pressing L2. Press R1 to fire the Leviathan Axe. You can recall the axe by pressing Triangle.

R2 will allow you to perform a heavy attack.

Hold L1 to block and press ‘X’ to evade attacks.

After following Atreus toward the location of the deer, you’ll have to fight some ghouls. Use what you’ve learned to kill the ghouls.

God of War (2018) - It Was At That Moment Atreus Knew

You can also travel down a chain into a wolves den; kill the wolves and raid the tomb, something Lara Croft forgot how to do.

Head back up once you’ve robbed the graves.

Travel through the intersection and head to the right – there’s another tomb you can raid with a legendary apple inside. If you collect three apples you can then upgrade your HP.

Don’t forget to look up and use the axe to throw it at buckets hanging in the air. You can knock down the buckets to acquire what’s inside.

Move forward toward the location of the deer. Fight some more ghouls.

Inside the ruins you’ll need to crank the wench and then throw the axe at the chain above the door to freeze it in place. Usually, the items that you can attack with the axe are highlighted with blue.

Proceed up the steps in the shrine and open the door after bursting through the wooden barricades.

Atreus will take notes of the Norse ideograms. After tracking down the deer the duo will kill it and a cinematic will play.

You can command Atreus to help you fight by holding down the L2 button and then pressing Square. This will cause Atreus to fire his bow.

Atreus will only be able to fire when the bow counter is above ‘0’. There’s a small counter on the bottom right hand side of the screen, it will refill over time.

The Daudi troll boss will be your next target. Whittle down his life. Dodge his attacks and attack his legs with strikes until he kneels.

Press in the right analog to perform a grab move on stunned enemies.

God of War - My Wife's Son's Mother's Ashes

Continue to battle your way back home. Atreus will point you in the right direction, and the path is linear.

Back at the house another cinematic will play and then Kratos will have to fight the Midgard Stranger.

He tries to treat Kratos like a cuckold.

God of War (2018) - The Soy Avenger

Beat the crap out of him like the soy-milkshake drinker that he is.

His muscles are small and he has a hipster beard, so show the SanFran Stranger a thing or two about fighting with some testosterones in your bones.

He only has a couple of major attacks, including a jumping ground smash and a charge up ground sweep. When he charges up, dodge out of the way by double tapping ‘X’.

Rinse and repeat the battle strategy until he’s defeated… three times over.

Journey To the Mountain

This will start the next quest as Kratos and his wife’s son make the journey to the top of the mountain.

Head through the linear pathway down through the new crack in the gorge, which is like traveling through the butthole of the mountain.

Go into cave and lift Atreus up onto the ledge. Then throw the axe at the rune mark to freeze it and press Square to have Atreus toss the chain down so you can have Kratos climb to the top.

Make your way across the bridge after another short cinematic plays. Make your way through the woodland forests and fight the tree zombies. You’ll also be informed about the battle indicator that will turn red if an enemy is attempting to attack you from behind, and purple if they’re firing a projectile from behind.

God of War (2018) - A Journey With My Wife's Son

Runic Attacks

The best course of action is to dodge out of the way once the indicator turns purple to avoid taking damage.

Continue to follow the pathway up and collect the first Runic Attack, which you can use by pressing R1 and L1 together. Additionally you can use L3 and R3 (which are the two analog buttons) to go into rage mode to attack faster and deal more damage.

You can equip Runic Attacks by going into the options menu and going over to the “Weapons” tab. You can change around the Runic Attacks by swapping them out of the available slots on the Leviathan Axe.

Travel up through the area where the Draugr appeared and and head through the cave to fight the Revenant.

If you have enough points you can also purchase additional skills for the axe and upgrade the long range abilities of Atreus.

Continue through the cave by using the ladders on the side of the cave wall. You can’t just jump over to them, you have to wait until you see the white prompt. Look at the ladder until the prompt appears and then jump across. Make your way over and up the ledge and through to the next area where you’ll have to fight more Draugr.

Around the corner before you ascend the ledge, there’s another ideogram with a story about Hrungnir on it. Have Atreus read the ancient rune before climbing up the ledge and moving over to the bridge.

Use the axe to break the chains holding up the bridge to cross it.

If you destroy the seals in the area before you cross the bridge, there’s a chest with Idunn’s Apple inside.

Across the bridge is another Revenant and some more Draugr.

It would be best to use your Spartan Rage here, because the Draugr can be difficult if they crowd you.

Move into the Reaper’s lair and kill them. They’ll come back as zombies, kill the zombies and then go over to the right side of the lair and boost up Atreus so he can lower the chain. Keep tapping Square to force that little soy-son to throw down the chain so you can proceed.

Simply follow the rune markings on the walls and ledges to proceed to the next area.

There are some treasures you can acquire before you travel across the bridge to meet Brok. Use the chains off the side of the ledge to the right of the pathway to travel down and acquire some loot.

When you finally do meet Brok, you’ll be able to acquire upgrades and new armor for Atreus and Kratos…. if you have enough coinage.

God of War (2018) - Upgrades

Once you kill the bad guys then you’ll need to use the axe lower the bridge across from Brok if you need to travel back. If you need to travel forward, there’s a pulley to the left of Brok that you can use to open the gate and go into the cave.

Throw the axe toward the spiked doors to open them up.

You’ll need to raise the spiked ceiling and then throw the Leviathan to freeze the gears. However, you’ll have to fight the monsters without your axe, otherwise the spiked ceiling will crush Kratos and Atreus.

The objective is to quickly use the axe and throw it at the wall on the far side of the room to open up the pathway to a platform. Then use the axe to raise the ceiling and freeze the gear so you can scale the platform. Proceed to call back the axe to lower the ceiling, which will work as a floor once you reach the second level.

The Riddle

Head outside and there’s a riddle just up ahead.

You’ll have to head up the hill, flip the switch to turn the door and then use Kratos’ axe to stop the three pieces of the door to form a rune message.

God of War (2018) - The Riddle

Once you solve the riddle, in the next area you’ll have to fight Brenna Daudi, another Jotun.

Defeat the ogre just the same as you did at the start of the game. It has many of the same attack patterns, only this time some other scrubs will be around to help it out. Kill the scrubs first and then finish off Brenna Daudi.

Also, if you ring the rune gongs in quick succession, it will unlock the chest and reveal a third Idunn Apple, which you can use to permanently upgrade Kratos’ health.

Once you’re done in the area, travel over to the long, vertical wooden plank and toss up Atreus so he can throw down a chain for Kratos to climb up. There’s a tablet with a prayer to Odin on it that Atreus will write down.

Proceed through the cave and out the other side and hunt down the boar, which will lead to a village of massacred ghouls.
There are a few treasures scattered about inside the burnt houses; take the treasure for your own mirth.

Once you get done in the village, head to the edge of the village and another cinematic will play. Atreus will chase the boar and Kratos will have to chase after the boar.

The duo will meet a hot witch who Kratos easily would have banged until high noon had this been the original God of War trilogy, but alas, he’s got a lot of soy in his system and too limp to be a true man about his mannerisms.

The Witch makes Kratos pay for his crimes of manliness after shooting the boar by acquiring lamb crest from her garden.

Sadly, Kratos does not use this opportunity to woo her into his powerful submission of attractiveness.

God of War (2018) - Follow The Witch

You’ll find the ingredients in the garden just to eh right side of the house once you step outside.

Once you give the witch her goods she’ll thank Atreus and Kratos with a mark on their neck to hide them from the Asgardians.

Unfortunately for Kratos, she does not give him the sort of healing he needs.

God of War (2018) - Sexual Healing

Witch’s Compass

The Witch will give Kratos a compass, which will work as a navpoint guide from here on out.

You’ll need to use this to guide you through the game. It will tell you how far out you are from the quest destination.

Head to the lower docks and enter the dingy once you get done collecting the treasure in the cave. Proceed outside of the cave and follow the nav marker to the glowing statue.

God of War (2018) - Beckoning The World Serpent

Investigating The Glowing Statue

Another cinematic will play once you reach the the statue and a series of new locations that will open up, including a couple of docks where you can park the boat. At this stage, the game has a sort of open-world effect to it where you can choose where you go and what you explore.

You’ll find an Idunn Apple at the small beach just southwest of where the World Serpent was. Ring the pots with the axe to open the chest to retrieve the apple.

At the dock below the statue, you’ll encounter Brok once more. You can upgrade your gear or buy new gear or upgrade your axe.

You’ll also retrieve a Yggdrasil stone to travel between the realms after unlocking new locations.

However, you’ll need to pass through the caves to reach the mountain.

To reach the caves travel through the platforms and head inside the ruined shrine.

Defeat the enemies and use the axe to freeze the scorn poles.

Hop down and battle the wurm, which nestles its presence within the poison fog.

God of War (2018) - A Soy Smith

Once you climb out of the cave and make your way to the platform, you’ll meet Brok’s brother where you can purchase resurrection stones in case Kratos dies. Atreus can revive Kratos with a resurrection stone.

You’ll need to battle some enemies once you finish upgrading your gear.

Follow the navpoint up through the southwest pathway. There are some rune totems you’ll need to flip with the axe if you want to open a chest. You’ll need to set one of the runes to a lower case looking ‘b’ and the one in the fog to the uppercase looking ‘B’, and the last one should match the symbol on the chest.

Once you get done there’s a vertical stone cliff face you can climb up to reach the next year where you’ll have to strategically freeze the poison poles in order to fight the poison revenant.

Proceed through the cliff chasm where the poison pole is located and scale up the cliff face to defeat the enemies. If you blow up the red pots you’ll also be able to unlock a couple of chests with some loot inside.

When you’re ready, proceed to remove the blockade in front of the door. A stony ogre fight will ensue. The boss has fairly basic attacks, but you can easily counter them with a well timed block.

God of War (2018) - The Black Breath

Unable to proceed up the mountain due to the black breath, the Witch will open up the mountain lift.

Continue to follow her across the pathways and through the doors back outside the temple.

The Witch will talk Kratos through the process of pushing the bridge into a new position.

The next 10 minutes or so is basically a walking simulator. You’ll have to listen to a lot of Norse mythology.

Use the portal room to travel between the different realms.

This is basically one super long cinematic.

Once it’s finished it will open up the next realm, where you’ll need to replenish the Bifrost and acquire the light of Alfheim in order to dispel the black breath. Use the axe to destroy the glowing nodes between the vines blocking the path.

Once you make your way through the vines you’ll need to kill some Dark Elves, who have committed racial genocide against the White Elves.

From there you can meet with Sindri and sell the junk items and upgrade the gear that you need.

Once you get done with the shop, there’s a boat tangled up in some elven weeds. Proceed through the linear pathway provided by the river to cue another cinematic.

Pass through the linear pathway on the riverbed leading toward the nav marker. You’ll eventually reach the Lake of Light.

Park the boat at the dock like a pimp.

You’ll need to solve a rune puzzle, but before you do, head back to the boat and travel toward the light and fight the dark elves.

Use the gears facing away from the light on both sides to raise the archway pillars.

Once both of the archways are raised, head back to the sand bowl. This will open up a new pathway.

Kill off the other dark elves and head through the jail cells. You can unlock a new runic attack in a chest by cleaving the elven vines from one of the cells.

You’ll also find some symbols on a chest with three rune stones – lower the bridge to destroy the seal stones so you can open the chest and acquire an Idunn Apple.

Once you get what you need, lower the floor, freeze the gear with the axe, and then run across to the other side through the tunnel.

Make your way through the cavern toward the vertical stone slab, and once Kratos and Atreus climb up another cinematic will play.

Defeat the elves and travel through the pathway that will lead you toward the elven crystals. Cut away the vines and fight the ancient stone golem.

You’ll only be able to attack the golem when it opens its chest. Throw the axe into its chest until it kneels down, and then press in the R3 button to begin punching and stomping on its chest.

Once it’s dead, attack the red viny heart to restore the light bridges.

Make your way back to the main door. You won’t be able to enter the door but you can acquire the
Horn of blood mead by ringing the bells in quick succession after destroying the two vines.

Travel through the pathway into the elven caverns. Fight the guys and then make your way across the cliff face to make your way toward the inner temple.

Follow the pathways toward the red heart-shaped vines and destroy it to restore more of the pathways.

Take out the vines to open up access to the cave. Move through the pathway until you reach the main hive. Take out the final two hearts and race through the narrow ledge by killing everything in your pathway.

Another walking simulator will commence and you’ll have to basically just follow the light and listen to Atreus talk. Just keep walking and following the path until you reach the stone pillar and climb up the cliff through the light.

You’ll finally unlock light arrows. You can direct the light arrows just like the normal arrows. Use them to shoot the blue crystals to open up the light walkways.

Make your way back toward the crystal on the platform and pick it up. Place the crystal in the slot and then head over the light bridge and clear out the vines so you can activate the light bridge.

Head back up the platform. Break the chain holding the light crystal to dispel the light wall. Take the crystal and place it into the slot just inside the room and then head up the stairs. Place the crystal in the slot at the top of the stairs and have Atreus shoot it to activate the bridge. You can ring the three rune bells to unlock a chest that contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

Place the crystal in the slot just on the other side of the platform and lift up Atreus so he can reach the bowl.

Take the crystal into the lower caverns after making your way through the sealed doors.

The crystal will light the way as you journey through the darkness.

Battle the baddies and then use Atreus to create light bridges by firing on the crystals on the other side of gaps.

You’ll eventually reach a room with symbols on spinners and a locked door. Match each of the spinners up with the symbols on the door. One spinner per rune on the door. If you match them up quickly enough it will open the door.

As you make your way to the exit, you’ll face off against Svartaljqfurr, one of the leaders of the dark elves. He’s not difficult to fight at all. Just dodge his attacks and pepper him with attacks until he dies.

Take the sand elevator back up to the top and hop inside the boat and travel back to the shore side toward Tyr’s temple so you can travel back to Midgard.

You can upgrade your axe with Brok and proceed through the forest back up the mountain top pathway to undo the black breath.


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