God Of War Comparison Video Appears To Show Kratos Devolve From Killer Into Cuck
God of War - cuck

A 13 minute compilation video was put together recently by TerakJK, featuring clips and sequences from the older God of War titles, which showcase Kratos as an absolutely unforgiving, merciless psycho killer. The compilation contrasts and compares the older games to how Kratos is portrayed in the newest game due out on April 20th, where he appears to be a cuck.

TerakJK prefaces the video with a YouTube description that basically says that the newest game appears to be little more than a joke, writing…

“I really don’t like how the new God of War looks. It seems like a joke. They’re trying to sell it as a reimagining, but for me God of War 2018 just is an inferior and casualized experience in comparison to the previous GoW titles like God of War 1, 2 and God of War 3.


“[…] And then there is the attempt to squeze a tear from the “new wave” of players by making it more cinematic and tearjerking like the Last of Us. Problem is, it absolutely doesn’t fit God of War and Kratos as a character. The “New direction” doesn’t seem new, they are just pandering to the trends.”

You can watch the 13 minute video below and judge for yourself.

The first three minutes features Kratos maiming, butchering, and killing any and everyone in his path throughout the first three God of War games. In one sequence he repeatedly pummels in the face of an enemy until there’s nothing left but blood stains and pulp.

The clips for the combat and violence for the 2018 sequel-reboot for God of War is a lot more tame, a lot more reserved, and far more subdued compared to the other games.

What’s more is that they showcase how the new game devolved from a fast-paced 3D platformer on the PS2 and PS3, down to a Last of Us-style setup where Kratos has to rely on the little boy in order to scale certain parts of the environment.

Essentially, from combat to platforming, Kratos’ autonomy has been compromised; his unyielding masculinity from the previous games has been downgraded to embody a more effeminate approach in making Kratos a family man.

Throughout message boards and YouTube videos not entirely populated by Sony fanboys, many gamers dislike the more politically correct rendition of Kratos, calling him a “cuck”.

As you can imagine, the rest of the comment thread plays out in similar fashion. Many gamers are disappointed that Santa Monica decided to turn the new God of War’s combat into a Dark Souls clone. Others are angry that the game appears to be promoting Leftist politics themed around Western men raising the children of other men. And a few more are angry that the platforming and fast-paced gameplay from the original trilogy has been replaced with more plodding, methodical traversal reminiscent of Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us.

It’s not all one-sided, though. Plenty of Sony fanboys are defending Cory Barlog’s take on God of War, and championing for more cinematics over gameplay, and less skill-based combat. In fact, one person dropped a comment in the video claiming that fast-paced hack-and-slash games are no longer popular, and therefore it wasn’t viable for Santa Monica to make the game a fast-paced hack-and-slash title.

Right now it appears as if there’s a divide between the core fans and the casuals who only latch onto properties because the media tells them to. Core gamers don’t like that God of War looks to appeal to men who have whored out their diet for soy products, while casuals are willing to embrace it for the cinematic appeal and due to brand loyalty to Sony.

Sales for God of War will be interesting to monitor. The game is due for release on April 20th, later this month, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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