Gothicc Breaker Uncensored Patch Is Already Installed For Gamers
Gothicc Breaker Uncensored

Some developers are getting savvy with the way they provide their loyal fans with the NSFW, 18+ uncensored patches for their naughty by nature, sexy-time games. A perfect example of that is with HeHeHe! Productions’ Gothicc Breaker, which has its uncensored patch already installed… gamers just have to activate it.

While Valve may have prohibited developers from distributing nude mods and uncensored patches through the Steam news page or the Steam forums, HeHeHe! Productions defied the rules slightly by including the uncensored patch in the actual game files itself.

Gothicc Breaker - Uncensored Patch

There’s a guide over on the Steam forums by the developers that explains how to unlock the uncensored patch.

  1. First thing is first, go into the Windows explorer and search up “%LOCALAPPDATA%” without the quotation marks.
  2. When the folders pop up, go into the “Gothicc_Breaker” folder.
  3. There’s a file called CENSORED.txt, open the file and delete the line “true”
  4. In the place of “true”, type in “false” and save the file.

Before you modify the file be sure that you’ve at least played through Gothicc Breaker once so that it can create the app folder that contains the CENSORED.txt file.

Once you do that you can pop open the game and start enjoying yourself some thicc, hot Goth chicks.

The game Gothicc Breaker is a breakout game with a sexy-time twist. As you break all of the blocks you will strip down the Goth chicks, first removing their outer layer of clothing, and as you progress toward the end of the level, you’ll eventually remove the inner layer of clothing as well, just until they’re dressed down into little else but their birthday suit.

Once you unlock the uncensored, nude images of the Goth chicks, you can then check them out in the gallery to view all the unlocked CG images.

You can pick up Gothicc Breaker for just $1.99 from the Steam store.


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