Hotel Artemis Trailer Attempts To Combine Smokin’ Aces With John Wick
Hotel Artemis 2018

Global Road Entertainment, The Ink Factory, and Warner Bros. Entertainment have a new movie in the works set to debut on July 20th, 2018 in theaters called Hotel Artemis. The film attempts to throw an all-star cast into a blender of futuristic thrills and violence that’s based around the eponymous hotel for injured criminals.

The trailer for the upcoming film starts with Sterling K. Brown from Supernatural, Black Panther and This Is Us, continuing to take the roles that apparently Idris Elba have passed up or didn’t want.

Either way, Hotel Artemis attempts to go through the typical diversity checklist of characters, including the heroic thieves played by Brown and Brian Tyree Henry, who rob a guy who has a pen filled with valuable goods. Henry is shot while they attempt to escape from the location and so he’s taken to Hotel Artemis, where weapons are not allowed, killing is not allowed, and hotel works as a safe harbor for criminals, very similar to the hotels featured in John Wick.

Unbeknownst to the thieves, the pen belongs to a very powerful crime lord played by Jeff Goldblum, who ends up tracking the thieves to the hotel where he attempts to get his pen back. All manner of violence ensues, as depicted in the trailer below from Rapid Trailer.

The actual star of the film is the paparazzi-bereft Hollywood heavyweight, Jodie Foster. She’s the nurse and doctor at Hotel Artemis, as well as the one who sets the rules. Her man-nurse, played by the physically imposing former wrestler Dave Bautista, is the one who enforces the rules.

Sofia Boutella plays an assassin who can kick the butt of just about any man, despite looking like a wafer-thin runway model. You might remember her from Kingsman and as the lesbian lover for Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde.

It’s amazing, but the setup for this movie required more words than I thought it would; and that’s not even getting into actually talking about the trailer itself, which basically gives away most of the movie within its near three minute run-time.

Hotel Artemis - 3D Printed Gun

Visually the movie has its own little earmark of originality, looking like some kind of gritty, David Cronenberg film crossed with Miguel Sapochnik’s take on Repo Men.

The schtick for the film, however, is in the ensemble cast and the violence that it promises to befall many of them. It appears to want to be a less schlocky version of Smokin’ Aces without the gratuity that came with Joe Carnahan’s messy, nudity-drenched, smorgasbord of violence.

Given the fact that Hotel Artemis seems to have minority leads rampant in the cast from top to bottom, don’t be surprised if Hollywood attempts to slather up the mallet of “Progressive” values and beat it over the head of the audience like CNN beats its audience over the head with fake news.

As mentioned, you can look for Hotel Artemis to hit theaters on July 20th, 2018 this summer.


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