Indeed, Apex Racing League Seems Prettier at The Apex

The Mastretta brothers’ purist attempt at bundling a motorsport fetish into the 3D semi-isometric bundle of Apex Racing League continues to persist despite a mildly-successful Kickstarter.

Most definitely for the better it seems.

That crowdfunding attempting was 2016, when the duo offered fully-fleshed out race weekends, management/strategy accompaniments, customization and a plethora of disciplines to master in an arcade setting. On-track it still wants you to – 

·       Master the Above With Ease. You don’t need simulation to feel challenged, believes Alberto Mastretta, meaning a controller/keyboard should suffice.

·       Cater to Your Strengths. Choose to excel in either/combinations of Grand Prix, Trophy Trucks, Rally Cross, Karts, Sprints, Stocks and other era-specific machinery.

·       Look Good Doing it across vibrantly realistic renditions of asphalt, gravel, dirt and snow

What’s seemingly dropped out of the original roster apart from an outdated website is on-line multiplayer. This being in favor of local 2-4 player sessions, a more enjoyable one-player experience and fewer technical hoops to jump through.

Additionally the physics have been revisited that despite still keeping simple, now highlights a uniqueness in on-track behavior of each vehicle amid crashes, collisions, roll-overs, kerbs and air-time.

A leading camera thrown in for added spatial awareness.

To top it all Apex Racing League’s prettier than ever. A smarter art pipeline has made for interesting additions a la real-time track progression – skid marks, all the necessary wear/tear and some frankly gorgeous lighting.

Interestingly the game’s underlying celebration of all things four-wheels has its roots deep in the Mastretta family; think on-track Remote-control/Karts/Formulas/Touring Car experience, automotive design, company test-drives, F1 Journalism, the Faccia Feroce and even a class in vehicle dynamics by Enzo Ferrari.

Also of particular inspiration is the original GeneRally experience with several arcade racers of old making up the bulk of Apex Racing League’s gameplay inferences. 2019 is the cited release period with PC/consoles in sight with A.I currently being adapted to the renewed physics model.


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