Infographic Shows The Glorious Rise Of The PC Master Race
PC Master Race
(Last Updated On: April 11, 2018)

Anti-gaming media outlets and enthusiast press have been attempting to undermine and attack the Glorious PC Master Race community ever since they began adopting Regressive Left politics. Despite their efforts to smear the good name of the PCMR, the community has risen above and beyond all attempts from the anti-gamers that populate the enthusiast media circles, falsely calling themselves “game journalists”.

Well, despite the protests from the “game journalists”, it appears as if the PCMR community won’t be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, according to an infographic put together by The Great Setup, it shows a startling incline in recent years as the PCMR sub-reddit has blossomed and grown multi-fold over the last several years.

You can check out the infographic below, which highlights some of the milestones achieved by the sub since opening in 2011.

The Rise of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

The term started with a review from Ben “YAHTZEE” Croshaw who used it in passing during a review for The Witcher. The article quotes Croshaw, who explained…

“Quite some time ago I coined a phrase in Zero Punctuation that now has its very own page on – The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. It was intended to be ironic, to illustrate what I perceived at the time to be an elitist attitude among a certain kind of PC gamer. People who invest in expensive gaming PCs and continually spend money to make sure the tech in their brightly-lit tower cases is up to date. “

Game journalists constantly on the prowl to find offense where none should be had, set their sights on the PCMR community and began calling it racists and problematic, as outlined in the infographic from the explosive PC Gamer article that many gamers felt was a mischaracterization of the community, especially since the PCMR welcomes everyone from every nationality and every background into the fold, as evident with the fact that one of the shining examples of the community is Terry Crews, who joined the Glorious PC Master Race after building a PC with his son.

Despite the anti-gaming media targeting the PCMR, the group continued to go strong, with lots of community service and charity work given to various institutions, including the St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and establishing a folding at home community to help give some of those glorious cycles to the effort to help fight cancer.

The Glorious PC Master Race has managed to garner more than 1 million subscribers and continues to grow and expand its community, opposite of video game journalists who do little more than spread falsehoods, encourage pedophilia, inject toxicity into their communities, rape women, and disparage the growth of the core gaming communities.

It can readily be said that unlike game journalists, the PC Master Race is actually good for gaming.

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