Juniper Research Calls For Skin Gambling Regulation After New Study On MTX Revenue

You may know microtransactions as MTX, or as live-services, or as in-app purchases, or as loot-boxes.  Microtransactions are also typically associated with the act known as skin gambling. Well, Juniper Research sat down and found that MTX, loot-boxes, and skin gambling will generate $50 billion in worldwide consumer spending by 2022, which is up from $30 billion this year.

The aforementioned comes in from publication site The publication site reveals that Juniper Research study on MTX, loot-boxes, and skin gambling will generate $50 billion by 2022.

Games Industry cited Juniper Research saying that regulation for skin trading and gambling should come into effect, as listed below:

“Juniper strongly recommends regulation for skin trading and gambling, in an attempt to both prevent youth participation and remove malicious actors who run sites which steal skins or short-change users.”

Juniper Research followed up the above statement with a study by the Gambling Commission last year that found 11% of 11-16-year-olds in the UK (estimated around 500,000 pre-teens and teenagers) had engaged in skin gambling.

The publication site highlighted Juniper Research take on Valve’s Steam storefront as a contributor of skin gambling. However, the report acknowledges that Valve has cracked down on third-party websites that used “casino-style” mechanics. Contrary to that, though, Juniper Research feels the Steam Community Market itself has allowed skin gambling to prosper by creating a virtual marketplace where users can trade in-game items for cash by selling them to other users, with Steam taking a 5% cut of all transactions.

The articles concludes with Juniper Research stating:

“The market for skins is huge, with over 6 billion items listed at once. Steam makes money from these transactions, hence the reluctance to shut the practice down.”

What are your thoughts on Juniper Research and the analyst firm’s goal to regulate skin gambling?


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