King Of Fighters XIV Trailer Reveals Blue Mary For Second DLC Pack
King of Fighters XIV - Blue Mary

The final character in the second DLC pack for SNK Corporation’s King of Fighters XIV is the feisty cop from the Fatal Fury series, Blue Mary. The hot chick with the big boobs and the short blonde bob-cut is finally making her return to the King of Fighters series.

Blue Mary has been one of the staple characters in the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series since the mid 1990s, making her debut in Fatal Fury 3: Roadt to the Final Victory. They decided to revive her classic short-haired, crop-top and baggy pants look instead of going with her more reserved appearance sporting a turtleneck, red and white bomber jacket and brown cargo pants. Hopefully they’ll add her updated look as an alternate costume.

You can see the first gameplay trailer for Blue Mary’s appearance in King of Fighters XIV below, as spotted by

Many of her moves from the older King of Fighters games make their return for King of Fighters XIV, including her variation of inside-to-out jumping Savate kicks, and her variety of Jiu-Jitsu takedowns, including the single arm-bar, and the rolling neck scissors. As noted on, she also incorporates her Sambo throws into the mix with her submission techniques.

Her special move is also the same as it was from previous games, with the spinning tornado technique.

Design wise she looks okay. Her boobs don’t jiggle as much as they did in the earlier King of Fighters games, but she was always a poor man’s waifu, so I doubt that will affect the affinity most gamers have toward her that plan to main her.

King of Fighters XIV - Blue Mary Pose

Blue Mary completes the collection of four new characters joining in the April DLC pack, along with Heidern, Oswald, and the female Muslim character, Najd.

SNK plans on releasing the second DLC pack for the game starting April 12th next week. King of Fighters XIV is currently available for PC and PS4.


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