Laser League, Tron-Esque Action-Sports Game Heads To PS4, Xbox One On May 10th

Laser League

Roll7 and 505 Games announced that Laser League will be graduating from Early Access on Steam starting in the first half of May. PC gamers aren’t the only ones who will be able to experience the full blown entertainment values of the futuristic action-sports game, both PS4 and Xbox One owners will also be able to dive into the game starting May 10th.

Not everyone is fond of games entering into Early Access, but Simon Bennett, studio director at Roll7, explained that the team used Early Access to gather feedback, make some tweaks, add some content, and overall use the process to improve the playability of Laser League, saying in the press release…

“Early Access has allowed us to get feedback from players and focus on the priorities. We have worked on bringing new players to the community and delivering new and exciting content. Leaving Early Access is the culmination of a development process that started many years ago and it allows us to get Laser League into the hands of more players, across multiple platforms, so we can answer the call to grow our community.”

Some of the new content is demonstrated in the new gameplay trailer below.

The team added a total of six playable classes, 16 different maps, 15 different power-ups, 12 gameplay modifiers, four stadiums, and 250 unique character customization options. Additionally, there will be a a NewMotion Brand DLC pack coming after the game launches, which will include new player models, eight new kits, all new laser patterns, new emojis, and character portraits for $1.99. The DLC will be available at the end of May.

The Steam version of the game will launch with some bonus content including seven extra maps, two new stadiums, and two new power-ups. The new content will be bundled into the standard purchase of the game.

Laser League picked up quite a bit of popularity over the latter half of 2017 during the testing phase. A lot of gamers enjoyed the Tron-style visual aesthetic and the strategic light traps that fill the arenas.

It’s a unique kind of game with an action-sports theme that sets it apart from a lot of other titles out there. You can learn more about Laser League by visiting the official website.