League Of Legends SJWs Complain That Kai’Sa’s Neckline Is Too Sexualized
League of Legends Kai Sa

Riot Games lead producer of champions, Ryan Mireles, recently used the Q&A opportunity on the official League of Legends website to address concerns from SJWs who complained that the neckline cleavage in Kai’Sa’s outfit was “hyper sexualized”.

Mireles explained that the artists attempted to design the character in a way that made it look like she was still wearing a suit and not corrupted, and that they messed up even though they had good intentions, writing…

“Early on, Kai’Sa didn’t have a deep neckline. When we got her in game, we realized her dark hair combined with the suit made her look more “Void creature or corrupted human” than “normal person wearing a Void-suit,” particularly because the human skin showing on her face was small onscreen and difficult to read from the in-game camera. Our artists tried a few things to try and address this, and the one that worked well was redesigning her neckline so you could see her human skin more clearly when her mask was off. With this change, more playtesters interpreted Kai’Sa as being a human wearing a suit rather than a human who was corrupted.


“In retrospect, we recognize we should’ve prioritized searching for other ways to solve this problem, especially because the end result didn’t land well for many players. Even though we had good intentions, we could’ve done better, and in the future, we will be even more conscious of these decisions.”

This is just another attempt to further de-sexualize and de-feminize characters in video games mostly aimed at male players.

Mireles tries to talk down that they didn’t intend to make her look “unnecessarily sexualized”, but doesn’t give the most obvious answer: men like sexy women.

In today’s Western society things are moving closer to the barbaric and backwards nations that actually employ patriarchal hegemony. Women are no longer allowed to be sexy, to look sexy, or to have any sort of aesthetic that men finally sexually appealing. It’s part of a movement by the Regressive Left to strip away anything sexually appealing from the creative process, even things as seemingly innocuous as a neckline.

The question came from players who have a League of Legends account and logged in to query the developers about certain design aspects.

Complaints about League of Legends being “too sexy” in one way or another is nothing new. There have been threads as old as 2012 complaining about the female champions being “too sexy”, and threads as recent as October, 2017 complaining about people who are still complaining about the champions being “too sexy”.

In today’s third-wave feminist-controlled society, don’t expect the complaints to subside anytime soon. Heck, SJWs didn’t spare an opportunity to complain about Ivy being too sexy in Soul Calibur and the chicks from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being too sexy. In fact, they even glitched up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in order to complain about the female sexiness.

Then again, Riot may have purposefully selected to answer the question and offer a non-apology as a way to drum up interest in League of Legends, tap into the outrage bait, get more people arguing over the culture wars, and essentially get the anti-censorship groups to blindly support League of Legends while the non-gamers rally their thousand of bot-followers online to start trending the game on social media.

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