Marvel’s Spider-Man On PS4, PS4 Pro Locked At 30fps; Won’t Have Microtransactions
Marvel's Spider-Man 30fps

During a rapid fire Q&A session that Game Informer conducted with Marvel’s Spider-Man creative director, it was revealed that the game on both the vanilla PS4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro is locked at 30 frames-per second.

Creative director Bryan Intihar confirmed that there will be visual enhancements for the PS4 Pro, and that for both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro…

”We’re locked at 30 [frames per second] both ways”

So what this means is that Insomniac Games won’t be using the PS4 Pro enhancements to provide a “performance” mode, which is typically what some companies do in order to sacrifice visual fidelity for unfettered 60fps gameplay.

In this case, Insomniac will be forfeiting 60fps gameplay in favor of 30fps gameplay.

This is an affront to anyone who was expecting a Spider-Man game where they could enjoy and engage in the open-world antics with pure fluidity and smooth 60hertz of refresh.

If Marvel’s Spider-Man was on PC we wouldn’t be having these kind of issues.

Once again a game limited to home consoles is gimped due to the console hardware limitations.

The only upside from the interview is that we learn that the game won’t have microtransactions, which is something that a lot of gamers should be happy about. When asked if microtransactions would be implemented into the single-player super hero game, creative director Intihar responded with a resounding “Hell no!”.

The thing is, is the lack of microtransactions worth sufficing with a locked 30fps gameplay experience? Some gamers are saying that they’re fine with such a gimped spec rate, while others are lamenting the fact that the frame-rate is gimped and that they won’t be able to play in the full fluidity that a Spider-Man game rightfully deserves.

You can look for Marvel’s Spider-Man to launch on September 7th, 2018 for the PS4 and PS4 Pro… where it’ll be locked at 30fps.


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