The Meg Trailer Sees Jason Statham Battling A Megalodon
The Meg

Jason Statham has sort of been laying low since The Expendables 3, but he’s back now with a big new summer blockbuster from Warner Bros. Pictures called The Meg.

The new trailer for the upcoming flick sees Statham taking on the Megalodon using whatever kind of equipment he can get his hands on. There’s also plenty of screen time given the Chinese chick, Li Bingbing, which is a twofold tactic. One: it allowed some of the production costs to be offset by the Chinese production company, Gravity Pictures, and two: there’s a higher chance of turnout from Chinese moviegoers if they see a familiar face on screen.

In fact, Li Bingbing is joined by Winston Chao, another Chinese actor to help bring the masses from China to the local theaters. You can check out the trailer below, featuring the big, angry, shark doing what big, angry sharks do best. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of ONE Media.

If they keep casting Asian actors at this rate, Pedowood just might turn into Chinawood.

Anyway, Statham may be the leading man but the rest of the cast hits all of the diversity checkpoints, including having the hot lesbian, Ruby Rose, on the staff. There’s the token black guy, and Cliff Curtis rounding out the bunch. I imagine Warner Bros., is happy with fulfilling every single diversity checkpoint on the list. Don’t be surprised if the SJWs in the movie critics circle still find something to pick apart about the film with their pseudo-moans that are about as believable as the Stormy Daniels affair.

The highlight of The Meg is clearly in the menacing portrayal of a Monster Hunter-tier megalodon. He looks like he’s been through some big fights and received some massive battle scars along the way. It’s like he’s the survivor of the oceanic equivalent of Chicago.

The Meg - Open Wide

It appears as if Warner Bros., is positioning this film as a B-movie summer blockbuster. It’s like Jaws meets Piranha 3D. Of course, I imagine they’ll want to lure in as many teensters as possible, so they’ll cut out a lot of the boobs and gore in the theatrical release and aim for the money-hungry PG-13 rating.

You can look for the film to drop in theaters nationwide with RealD 3D and IMAX support this summer.


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