MotoGP 18 Video Highlights Unreal Engine 4’s Photogrammetry Capabilities
MotoGP 18

Milestone released a new behind-the-scenes video of the upcoming MotoGP 18 for home consoles and PC. The video is a short and sweet look at the technology powering the upcoming racing title, highlighting the new drone-scanning technique that Milestone has been using for their racing games in order to improve on and elevate the photogrammetry process to the next level.

The minute and a half long video showcases how the drone captures every inch, every nook, and every cranny, so that Milestone is able to use the topographical and geographical data to replicate each and every track with 1:1 precision scale. It’s no joke either, just check out the comparison shot below to see how well the drone scan allowed them to measure the map in-game to the real one.

MotoGP 18 - Drone Scan

The scan manages to capture each of the corners in startling accuracy. It’s not just drone scanning tech that they’ve used for the game either. They’ve also managed to use panoramic 3D photo-capturing to get a hold of all the ground-level data from a map.

You can see how it all comes together with the behind-the-scenes video below, which also covers some of the 3D scanning techniques used to capture the riders as well.

Photogrammetry is a much cheaper alternative to the traditional methods of manually having artists attempt to scale, draw and design everything by hand to match the real life locations or riders. Once the data is captured it’s then put through a clean-up phase, and UV maps are made for the normals, where the artists are then able to apply finer details before the assets are being baked into the game.

I’m really curious how well this will run on the Nintendo Switch? The game is due out on PS4, PC, Xbox One and the Switch, but some developers have had troubles scaling down their games to run in portable mode. With MotoGP 18 being built in the Unreal Engine 4, maybe we’ll see what the latest optimizations are like for Epic’s game engine when it comes to running high-end games on the Switch.

I suppose we’ll find out just how well Milestone was able to scale all of the photorealistic assets down to par for the Switch’s hardware when MotoGP 18 releases June 7th later this year. For more info feel free to visit the official MotoGP video game website.


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