Newsweek Attempts To Stir Controversy By Comparing Crusader Kings 2 To Alt-Right
Crusader Kings II

Many people consider mainstream and established media outlets as the SiPo for today’s Regressive Left movement. If you use language, hold views, make comments, or disagree with the far Left’s political direction, then the media will go on the attack like hungry dogs on a fresh piece of raw meat. Paradox Interactive was just on the receiving end of such antics with their promotional weekend for Crusader Kings 2 after they used “Deus Vult” in a tweet posted on April 5th, 2018.

You can view the tweet below.

The tweet was spotted by Newsweek, where the article attempts to paint Paradox as adopting Alt-Right language.

Newsweek started the article writing…

“Paradox Interactive, publisher of PC grand strategy game Crusader Kings 2, says it has “no tolerance for racist or nationalist organizations” after it faced criticism for using a battlecry of the “alt-right” in a tweet to promote a free download.

“The Latin expression— Deus Vult or “God wills it”—originated in 1095 in the time of the Crusades, but in recent years has become better known for its use in memes shared by far-right internet trolls and has even been used in alleged Islamophobic vandalism. It has been heavily adopted by Reddit’s “TheDonald” community.”

Newsweek attempts to portray Paradox Interactive as accomplices to nationalist ideology, spending a portion of the article talking about how people react and respond to “Deus Vult”, despite the phrase being around for nearly a millennium.

They attempted to paint the term and anyone who associates with it in a negative light, also citing Ubisoft’s employment of the phrase to promote For Honor in 2017.

The not-so-veiled attempt to censure Paradox Interactive for using the phrase, which has been commonly used in the Crusader Kings franchise for more than a decade, didn’t faze the company. Paradox responded to Newsweek, stating…

“Paradox makes historical games, and therefore makes historical references in its promotional material. Deus Vult is a phrase commonly associated with the Crusading Era, and that we have used for many years before it became an internet rallying cry for alt-right and neo-Nazi agitators.


“The first Crusader Kings game even had an expansion with the name Deus Vult. We can assure our community that Paradox has no tolerance for racist or nationalist organizations that use our products as a weapon in their campaigns of hate and division.”

The idea is to sow discord within the community and attempt to rally people to further criticize and condemn Paradox Interactive. It’s one way of media taking control of phrases and terms to politicize it for their own efforts; a control technique to force those who aren’t under their control to fold in under their ranks.

Many of the Regressive Left, also known as Social Justice Warriors, have been using this tactic for many years now, forcing people to abandon certain terms or renounce certain companies or people who fall out of favor with the cult of cultural Marxism. We saw it happen to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who had to abandon his own company after being smeared in the media based on media-hewn falsehoods, as well as veteran actor William Shatner, who came under fire from the Regressive Left for standing against Social Justice Warriors.

To Paradox Interactive’s credit, the original tweet featuring “Deus Vult” is still up on Twitter right now, so they didn’t so easily bend the way some companies do, such as PUBG Corporation, Razer or

Crusader Kings 2 is currently available at a discounted rate on the Steam store for the weekend.

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