Nintendo Network Access Blocked For Russian Gamers During Telegram Ban

Nintendo Switch

The Telegram app was banned in Russia during a recent court ruling after claims that the app was being used by terrorists and instigators. In order to prevent people from using Telegram any further, the Russian government forced ISPs to block 15.8 million IP addresses across Amazon and Google’s cloud services as a way to prevent people from further accessing Telegram, according to The Verge.

In result, some of these IP addresses that were blacklisted ended up affecting the Nintendo Network, prohibiting some Russian gamers from accessing services on the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U, as noted by a report on Nintendo Life.

This was not just a few isolated incidents, and Russian gamers have been complaining to Nintendo about the problem.

The company responded with a message on the official Nintendo VK wall, where the company stated that they don’t have any information to share just yet regarding the situation.

Some of the games affected include Splatoon 2 and Tri Force Heroes. Over on the GBA Temp forums some Russian users are stating that they have still been able to access some of their Nintendo 3DS online services and have not been impacted by the wide-sweeping ban… yet. The ban seems to be affecting different ISPs differently, so depending on who is using what depends on what sort of access they’ll have to the Nintendo services.

I imagine the internet service providers will have to further refine the ban of IP addresses so that only Telegram is affected and not tertiary services.

It doesn’t seem as if too many Russians are all that shaken up about it, but a lot of people feel as if fewer social media services are better, and after Facebook’s one-sided attack on Conservatives and censoring people who don’t agree with the Leftist agenda.

(Thanks for the news tip Censored Gaming)