Norilsk, Adult-Oriented Visual Novel Launches On Steam May 1st
Norilsk Visual Novel

Kory Toombs’ Norilsk is gearing up for release on May 1st, 2018 next month. The adult-oriented visual novel is a typical romance tale, allowing gamers four different love interests from a selection of three different hotties, and one dude… assuming your into that sort of thing.

The game centers around student Iosif, who returns home after having spent 12 years living abroad. He attends a local university to further his education, and while doing so he ends up meeting up with an old friend named Lesya. The two are eager to reconnect and rekindle their old friendship from back before Iosif left.

Along the way, Iosif will have an opportunity to also charm and romance two other girls at the university named Karina, who is a blonde-haired chick with a medium-sized bust; and Sabina, a shy brunette with glasses and a slightly large rack. They’re obviously going for diversity of attraction with Norilsk. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the art is like.

The developer is upfront about using the standard asset resources to help build the visual database of Norilsk, and it features original music created by Bittersweet Entertainment.

What’s more is that the CG artwork featured in the visual novel was commissioned by hentaibrain, so you can imagine what sort of content was originally implemented into the game.

It has the standard nudity and sexual content tags, but it remains to be seen exactly how far the game goes and what sort of content they plan to have in the full version. As many of you know, Valve was forced to crackdown on allowing uncensored mods and nude patches on Steam following threats from Christian organizations that planned to go to Washington state lawmakers about Valve selling “porn” to “30 million” children. Valve had to tighten up their restrictions on the terms of service regarding adult-oriented content and sexual imagery, forcing a lot of developers to have to resort to other methods to spread the word about uncensored patches.

At this point, we’ll have to wait for the release of Norilsk to find out just how far the visual novel goes, and whether or not an uncensored patch will allow it to go much further.

In the meantime, you can visit the Steam store page to add the visual novel to your wishlist or follow its development leading up to its release on May 1st.


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