Norilsk Uncensored Patch Now Available For Download
Norilsk Uncensored Patch

The 18+ uncensored adult patch for the visual novel from Kory Toombs called Norilsk is currently available for download. If you have the Steam version of the game and you want to blast a creamy good time all across the VN from your pure enjoyment of the title, you can grab the uncensored patch right now.

SteamUncensored has instructions on how to acquire and install the patch. Just grab the file from the RPG Maker download page.

Once the file finishes downloading, extract the contents into its own folder and then open up the steamappscommonNorilsk folder and copy the .json.js files from the extracted zip file into the “data” folder.

You’ll need to replace the files in the folder to complete the installation process.

Next up, you’ll need to copy the .png files from the download folder and place them into the steamappscommonNorilskresourcesGraphicsBackgrounds folder.

This will uncensor the visual novel and give you the full-on adult-oriented experience that you were always meant to consume.

If you have any trouble at all installing the 18+ uncensored patch for Norilsk, there’s a video tutorial that you can watch courtesy of Kory Toombs.

Norilsk is a standard romance-centric visual novel following a main protagonist named Iosif. He’s been abroad for 12-years, moving from place to place until he eventually finds himself at a university where he rekindles a flame with an old friend named Lesya.

As they make a connection Iosif also encounters several other characters who strike his fancy as well, and this is where players are able to choose their route through the visual novel and find the one true bed-rocking romp that really fulfills Iosif’s desires. You’ll have a total of four different romance options to pursue, with each path leading toward a different outcome, including three different chicks and one dude.

You can pick up a digital copy of Norilsk right now over on the Steam store for $9.99. The uncensored patch is free, so grab it if you already own a copy of the game.


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