Nutaku Now Accepts Verge Cryptocurrency For Payments
Nutaku Cryptocurrency

Digital distribution outfit for adult-themed games, Nutaku, announced that they now accept Verge cryptocurrencies as a payment method for purchasing games and coins through the 18+ web portal.

After other adult-themed websites and operations such as Brazzers and Pornhub announced that they have upgraded their monetary model to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for their services, Nutaku decided to join in on the fun.

Mark Antoon, president of Nutaku, explained in the press release how they’re pushing the industry forward by adapting to the forward looking trends currently taking place in the tech industry…

“For months, we’ve seen the press and investor community focus on the growth of the cryptocurrency market.”


“Both the gaming and adult industries have always been incubators for adopting new technology and showcasing innovation, which is one of the biggest reasons we’ve decided to start accepting Verge coin. We believe our community will make use of the new payment method, and we look forward to providing new options for crypto enthusiasts.”

Cryptocurrency has been on a fluctuating roller coaster ride recently, with prices bouncing around more than a braless double-D patron riding a mechanical bull at Big Woody’s bar and grill in Columbus, Ohio.

Now this doesn’t mean that the current payment models will be changing at Nutaku. You’ll still be able to fill up your adult entertainment desires by making purchases with your credit card or PayPal account, as well as purchasing Nutaku Gold.

So why did Nutaku decide to partner with Verge Currency and not other crypto currencies? Well, they went with Verge because it uses decentralized Tor and the anonymous I2P network protocol layers to maintain anonymity for users while also allowing for fast delivery of private transactions.

You can learn more about Nutaku and the Verge cryptocurrency connection by visiting the official website.


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